They don’t notice the thin pocket of blue that peeks from between layers of gray. They are immediately lost in a world of their own design, with the help of nature and what someone before, has left behind.

They create for hours, and I watch as they imagine what could be right into their own reality.

Kids do this so well, but as a grown up, with my purse and license, my keys and responsibilities I am weighed down by responsibility too much to imagine with them.

I forget the freedom that comes with play.
With pretend.
With dreaming.

I step away for a week from the online, from the voices that distract, that make reality so much more real with news stories and opinions.

I step away so I can remember to dream free, in quiet.

There’s a low simmer happening here, possibilities beginning to bubble up–I don’t want to put the lid on this pot of dreams.

Let yourself imagine, I say to myself.

I give permission, while reality stands serious with her purse and keys, shaking her head at imagine, at this unpredictable pot of dreams releasing it’s unpredictable aroma into life.

The thin spot of blue widens and now the layers of gray seem less oppressive. They fade so much, I question if they were ever there at all.

Imagine paints a new sky.

Children create whole worlds, full of impossible possibilities, and in watching them my faith widens.

Will I believe in dreams? Will I let myself imagine what could be?

This is faith. This is the place where I live.


Joining with Lisa-Jo and others for Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday


  1. Mia

    Dear Kris
    The beauty of eternity when everything is made new by our Lord Jesus is that we CAN EVEN NOW dream of the world where we will forever be with Him. Oh, how we can already imagine how wonderful and filled with love it is going to be.
    Happy FMF.

  2. Sweet Kris…I was so glad to see your picture at Lisa-Jo’s place!! You are such a gifted writer and these words speak to my heart. Especially “Imagine paints a new sky.” Thank you for sharing your heart and you gift!

  3. Sarah

    Beautiful, Kris. That stinkin’ purse and all its responsibilities. I’m a naturally a dreamer…my imagination is vivid…but I do forget the joy of letting yourself loose in the world of imagination. Thanks for the reminder that it is good!

    1. Yes. Somedays that purse is so heavy. I too share your propensity for dreaming vivid dreams. Dreaming and imagining with you where God is taking us–wherever it is, it’s good. Always good with Him. Love you.

    1. I’m a slow learner, Dolly. He’s been telling me this for years, but my eyes, my heart were too afraid to believe it. Slowly, He pries me open, He invites us to imagine with Him, and it’s so beautiful…. Thank you for stopping by today to encourage me.

  4. stepping away to dream in quiet – oh Kris, how that resonates with me. The past several weeks GOd has been laying the idea of Quiet on my heart…thank you for being one of those He’s used to speak to my heart. I always love your writing and what God puts on your heart to share!

  5. This is so, so lovely. Five Minute Friday magic. I am often inspired by my kids, so I resonate deeply. These are my favorite lines, “I give permission, while reality stands serious with her purse and keys, shaking her head at imagine, at this unpredictable pot of dreams releasing it’s unpredictable aroma into life.” Thank you for your words today!

  6. Nicole

    I like the idea of stepping away to ‘dream in quiet.’ Adulthood is not conducive to anything that isn’t demanding and oppressive. Let’s all remember to be a little more childlike and give ourselves permission to imagine. Great post.

  7. Laura Robb

    What a beautiful post, Kris! I love the imagery of a pot of dreams and I don’t want to put a lid on mine either. I want to let them overflow so they come to life!

  8. Oh this is beautiful! Sometimes it’s hard to quiet our minds enough to imagine, to enter into the imaginative world of a child. Praying you have a relaxing and beautiful weekend.

  9. ourstoriesgodsglory

    Beautiful Kris. I am inspired to schedule a week off social media…at this moment in time, I can’t really imagine that…I guess that’s why I must do it!! And I love your new site. Soothing and lovely!!

  10. Wonderful! I’m trying to take some space for myself to hear God and be inspired. Sometimes the constant barrage of words from other people can drown out my own imagination, sometimes they feed it. I’m in a time of needing to step away so I can imagine again. Today I spent an hour on the porch with a notebook and pen and birds chirping and sunshine and it was like cracking open an unlocked door to an unfamiliar place. I’m planning to take more of this time alone with God to write and create and photograph the things I hear and see.


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