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In Between

bubble blowing

The summer runs along, a serpentine of hot days, slipping through time. We wake and play and work a little, we rest and everyone is crazy in the afternoons with boundless energy to burn.

I shoo them out to the yard, these wild colts with legs too long, and manes a-tangle. They spin and flick and romp until the sun disappears  and I find myself weary and aching for quiet, for cool sheets and three pillows behind my head.

This season we drift, in between now and the next. School work goes mostly undone, except for the daily math–I’m cruel for this, I know. That’s what they think. But I push because it’s important, and maybe a little, because I failed so many times before them.

The sun beams hot and the breezes are warm now. We blow bubbles and smoke marshmallows for S’mores on a thick saturday afternoon. We stand around a hot grill with sweat running cool streaks down our backs, with cheeks pinking from sun and exertion.

These in between days keep winding around, and I sometimes forget that summer is it’s own season–not a transition. It’s me who’s in transition. It’s my heart that’s winding through decisions of faith and love and words worth sharing, and ones not meant to be.

The kids play for hours, unaware of the world around them. I like it this way for now. This is where we always are, in between now and the next stage. Next matters, but not as much as right now.

The in between is a season of it’s own.

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Five Minute Friday

15 thoughts on “In Between

  1. Kris ~ I love that you’ve reminded us that those in between times are a season in and of themselves, not just a transition to move through. Love the way you’ve reframed what’s often seen as scary and uncertain. Thank you!

  2. I have no idea where my first comment went…I loved your post! Beautifully put ‘in between’ is certainly a season of its own. And no worries still doing math here too ~Jenny Hugs my friend!

  3. Jennifer

    Our son just had a Smores for breakfast. Sans marshmallow. Love that the in between can be so simple…we love summer too.

  4. The fact that you used the word “serpentine” in a five minute Friday post is fantastic. I love reading writers who weave beautiful vocabulary into their messages. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your words.

  5. Mia

    Dear Kris
    I think we sometimes are afraid of hurrying along and letting the summers of our lives pass to quickly; so we hold them as sort of a in between moment, an interim that will last much longer!

  6. Such truth in this simple statement: The in between is a season of it’s own. Thanks for sharing today. ps – I think we’re connected on twitter and insta, but I had to finally click over to your blog because we have so many mutual friends who speak so highly of you. Happy that I did =)

  7. Amy

    ‘The in between is a season of it’s own.” Oh how I need to remember this. I spend my in between look forward to the next thing instead of just enjoying the season.

  8. I love this Kris! Summer definitely feels like a time of transition. For some, summer can be a time of relaxing & waiting for the next round of intensity. But I’m finding that this summer is becoming more and more a season of intense growth and learning. Not a time of relaxing. I am starting to become grateful for this time of growth though. Perhaps by fall, I will be ready to take on all that God is calling me to.


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