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On Inviting and Faith Illustrated

On Inviting and Faith Illustrated
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When my daughter got sick last week I found myself with a quiet couple of hours to get into my new Illustrated Faith bible journaling kit. She’d worn a brave face all morning but by noon I could tell she was done. I brought her home early from our activities and set her up on the couch where she promptly passed out for several hours. it was an unexpected break in my day, an opportunity to gather my materials and play with my rolls of Washi tape and colored pencils.

I clear space at my table for a few minutes to let the words soak and wait for what comes to the surface. I bought my journaling bible years ago with the intent of including art as a means of processing and connecting with God. The visual work helps solidify whatever it is I’m learning.

My yellow pencil loops smooth around the stamped image of a wreath. With the rounding motion of my hand, I can’t help but think about circles, and how I’m constantly tempted to pull my own circles tighter around me. For safety. For comfort. Because connection is not always easy and because invitation carries risk, and who among us isn’t a little weary of being broken by relationship?

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