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Lent To Maundy Thursday (Music For You)

Lent To Maundy Thursday (Music For You)

Music always plays a huge part in my private worship. I often listen to music during my times with God either at the beginning, to help me focus, or at the end of my time with Him, as a way to go forth with joy.

One of my favorite bands to include during this time is the band, PageCXVI. They’ve made it their mission to re-invigorate old hymns and remake them for a new generation.

I have every album they have released. I listen to something from them weekly, if not daily.

This band has re-introduced me to hymns I’ve known and taught me some I had not. The depth and worshipful prose of these classic songs touches my heart in ways contemporary music sometimes misses. I’ve grown to love these songs and the heart and intention behind them. Often, I include one or more of their renditions in my quiet times with God. They truly do draw me closer to Christ. I so appreciate the heart of this band. This, from their blog:



When they emailed last week announcing their Lenten album I actually squealed out loud.

Today, you can grab “Lent To Maundy Thursday” and enjoy the addition of this beautiful, thoughtful music as you worship this season.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 9.24.15 PM

Watch a preview here:

Subscribers view the video HERE.

Give this album a listen for free, HERE 

Grab this one now, and on April 15th, they will release “Good Friday To Easter” !! (Squeeee!)


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