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Let Joy Go Viral

The past three weeks have been an overwhelming swirl of stomach visus’s, clean-up, fevers and a laundry pile that threatens to bury me alive. My poor babies all fought the hard fight and struggled to regain health, though thankfully, after many prayers from you, from us, healing is coming.

Our routine is all askew, we’ve watched more movies than I can count. My voice is hoarse from reading countless books in an effort to distract little minds from tummies that groaned and cramped and grumbled uneasy. But Sunday, Sunday came as a sweet day of rest. We even managed a family walk, a welcome venture out into the sunshine and fresh air!

But I have to admit, in the foul moments of this raging virus, I was not at my most gracious. I am so weak and I so easily slip when the pressure is cranked and the trials come hard and relentless.

Finding joy and counting my gifts felt like another chore, just another struggle to surmount in the middle of digging myself out from underneath an impossible three weeks of insanity. But it’s a funny thing that happens when you dare to count difficulty as grace. Tides turn in an instant, and sour expressions fade into smiles and joy tingles once again, even in light of a house that looks like the aftermath of a twister– books and laundry, toys and dishes strewn across every spare surface. Joy did not really disappear, it only seemed a little harder to find, and search for it I did.

Joy can be a contageous virus. When we find the ability to open our mouths and start naming it, when we search deep and give each fragment a name, and a number- joy can spread like wildfire through a house full of people who have momentarily lost sight of the benefits of being struck with the “joy bug”.

So I just keep counting. I’ve hit 1000 gifts and I will just keep going…

Counting on beyond my 1000 Gifts:

1002. Friends and family praying for us. A bigger blessing than I can ever say.
1003. A washing maching just downstairs to help clean away the cooties.
1004. Weather just warm enough to crack the windows a bit to air out.
1005. A steam cleaner. You don’t even want to know…
1006. A stack of books and time to read some.
1007. Breakfast with a friend
1008. Making some new decisions an homeschooling, a shift in our methods
1009. Pushing through the doubts and doing the hard things
1010. The five glorious minutes where the laundry was all done. Short but sweet! 😉

Joining the community of friends and Ann in giving thanks for all things. Won’t you join in the praise?


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0 thoughts on “Let Joy Go Viral

    1. Anonymous

      Ahh yes, Mike. it is such a fast moment to count, but we’d better count it, right, it’s just a whisper of peace amid the chaos of family comings and goings… God bless you, brother! 😉

  1. Ro elliott

    we are neighbors today…so glad everyone is feeling better  and thanks for the honestly in the post…I want to contagious with the joy bug…
    Have a great day today…

  2. Anonymous

    kris, so very, very happy that you and yours are on the mend!!!  wow, that took a while, eh?  
    now praying for full restoration of health, and renewed energy as you forge ahead.  loved your list, and your determination to let the fire of joy spread, in spite of life’s inconveniences.  
    blessings to you this week!

    1. Anonymous

      Oh Steph! I know it! This has been a long spell of ugly illness. I am thankful for the healing and prayers from friends like you!  Wishing you and glorious week whatever God leads you through… 😉

  3. Hopped on over from Ann’s today. Loved your post and “tides turn in an instant, and sour expressions fade into smiles and joy tingles once again” because you dare to count. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  4. So glad you guys are feeling  better, Kris. I can so relate to that less than gracious place – The other morning (the one when my kids woke up at 4:3- to start the day…), in desperation, I wrote “This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it” on our kitchen chalkboard – mostly to shift my perspective. We’ll pass on the stomach bug, but thanks for sharing the joy one here today! 😉

  5. So glad to hear you are all on the mend.  “Joy did not really disappear, it only seemed a little harder to find, and search for it I did.”  I loved this!  It’s true, at times like you just went through we have to be intentional in looking for JOY!  I laughed so hard at #1010.  So true!


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