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Loneliness In Leadership

Loneliness In Leadership

After Refine {the retreat}, I came home thinking a lot about leadership, and what it looks and feels like. I feel very new to it, and have so much still to learn, and a wealth of growing to do. As I reflected on this to a friend, we got onto the subject of loneliness in leadership, because the reality is, that once you step into the role of leader, things inevitably change.

My friend and fellow encourager, Crystal Stine is currently hosting a series called  31 Days of Encouraging Conversations. (You really should check out the entire series.) A couple of weeks ago, I had the humbling opportunity to sit down with her for an interview, where we chatted about loneliness in leadership, carrying a vision, leaning in to the Lord and how to stay focused even when you feel like you’re misunderstood, or going against the grain of popular practices.

Here’s  our conversation–I hope this encourages you, as you walk into the role He is calling you to.

Click here for the video


Thanks, Crystal for the opportunity to share. I am so grateful!

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