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Make Every Day Count~ A {GIVEAWAY}


We wake in the morning with an agenda, and attitudes that will either help or hinder the events yet to unfold. We are only given a finite number of days here and too often, I think we waste them. Rushing and running everywhere, striving foolishly, holding grudges and chasing rabbit trails of misplaced expectations. Lord knows I have squandered plenty of my own precious days, but what if we could make each day count for something more? I am learning the art of this with my gratitude journal, and my hope is to teach my children to do the same. They will be stronger, more effective followers, friends and citizens if they learn to control their outlook in life.

I have survived seasons of helplessness. Convincing myself that there’s nothing I can do to change the situation. And it’s true to a point. Some situations do occur beyond our control. However, our attitudes, our outlooks are the grand exception to this. We make a decision every day how we will face what lay ahead.

Max Lucado’s book, Make Every Day Count – Teen Edition, is a wonderful, easy read for kids ages 12-17 about how they can grab each day and make it count. He provides wonderful biblical examples as well as relevant examples from every day life to encourage young people to choose to live life with grace and gratitude, to live joyfully. Each chapter concludes with a “Daylifter” which encourages a positive outlook and offers scriptural passages for added encouragement.

Though this book is divided into chapters and not daily devotions, it could easily serve as a devotional book and provides some wonderful topics for discussion if you read it with your child.

My children are not old enough yet for this book, but I will be tucking it away for later days.

I look forward to going through this book with them when they are older.

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  1. I tell my kids to ‘shine on, be Jesus with the skin on’ which means to reach out to others, be a positive example, always share the hope that you believe in…  =)
    Would love this book~

  2. vinny

    posted on twitter:
    I’m helping my kids learn to Make Every Day Count thanks to @Always Alleluia and @TommyMommy. <–Tweet This  for an additional entry


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