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My New Book And How We Can Bear The Wait

My New Book And How We Can Bear The Wait

Nearly 2 years ago I started off in one direction, down a path that I knew beyond a smidgen of doubt, God had called me to. As clearly as if He’d cupped His hands to my ear, I heard His “Yes. This.” I didn’t hesitate in the beginning. The ground work of years earlier had all led up to that moment, and like a horse released from its stall, I ran full-force into the work.

Who can bear to wait another minute when God finally releases you to do the work you know you were born for?


For all of those months I worked at it with wild, narrow-set determination, like one works at origami–intricately and impossibly slow. In every phase of the project I poured out all that I had, eagerly learning from mentors and friends who had grace enough for the hand-holding I required.

I worked at it day and night, hour after hour, season after season, all the while parenting, mothering, teaching cooking and living this regular life.


But in between then and now, after wild bursts of writing, I waited. Not well, mind you. I paced. I purged a household’s worth of  junk. I moved. We re-planted ourselves in a new place, on purpose. And I have waited some more.

But after nearly 2 years of steady, heartbreaking, soul-saving work on that project, God brought me to a break in the path. An impassible, impossible stand-still.

That dream would have to wait.

I would have to wait.

It turns out, you can think you’re doing one thing, only to discover that God is using your effort to lay the ground work for something else entirely.

It turns out, God has been doing things I did not look for all along (Isaiah 64:3). About mid-July it dawned on me that Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting has only come about at all, because of the intensive waiting periods the other project required. And all that time I wondered if God was wasting time. I questioned if He’d brought me to the desert only to let me starve.

Because I have been waiting a very long time–because I am waiting still. And who among us in the waiting doesn’t wonder if God is ever coming–if He is ever going to do what He says He will do?

I started off writing one book, only to produce an entirely different work.



After months and months of “go”, God suddenly said “no.”

He said, “wait”.

This isn’t the first time God has invited me to journey one direction, only for me to wind up somewhere else entirely.  If I say that my work is ‘Spirit led’ (and I do) then these kinds of unexpected detours, these divine interruptions are a gift, even when everything suddenly stops. Even when I am called to wait.

Knowing this doesn’t necessarily make it easier to bear the weight of waiting. Belief that God is sovereign doesn’t eliminate the struggle to accept His sovereignty.

But it’s not only me who wrestles with this. I know that much because you have told me that it’s hard for you as well–that waiting is not something we do with much enthusiasm or patience.

We are a people uncomfortable with, and unaccustomed to waiting.

In June, when the work I’d bent over for months without stopping suddenly came to a full-stop, I didn’t pray it so much as I fumed it: Come, Lord Jesus, my heart howled, while I stood bent, working out my angst scouring the toilet. It’s in humility we find Him the quickest. It’s when we’re broke-down desperate for a word, that He comes in and fills the space that our dreams-on-hold have hollowed out. 

Tenderly, sometimes fiercely, God puts His finger into the hole left in the hearts of man, not to injure but to heal.

In those moments with the dripping toilet brush in hand and tears tracking down my cheeks I heard Him: Not that project, not right now–not yet. Write the one on waiting. 

I wasn’t praying for a new project. I wanted resurrection of the one I’d poured myself into for nearly 2 years, but first, the death, then, burial. In God’s Kingdom death always comes before life.

You don’t get to write a book about surrender until you learn (again) what it looks like to live it.


For 30 days in July I abandoned the “surrender book” in order to write a different one. One that God had planted a seed for years earlier, but for a number of reasons, I had shelved it for another time. I never imagined that a Christmas book I’d dreamt about 2 years earlier would be born in July, when I was neck deep in wrestling out hard words for something else.

Every morning at 4AM I staggered first to the coffee pot and then upstairs to my office to write while the sunrise crept up behind me. I wrestled through 25 different passages because I had to. Because waiting is never as passive as we think it is. God is never still. He is always at work in our waiting. How often we forget this. We are not privy to the passionate underpinnings of heaven.

What I discovered in the month of July wasn’t just a confirmation that I don’t wait well, but that the weight of waiting can feel crushing but still, somehow, we must bear up under it. But the ability to bear the weight cannot and does not come from our own strength. While we most certainly feel the weight of waiting, it is God who holds it for us. It is when our hope is fixed on Him that we can stand rather than fold in the long months and years of waiting.

As I pounded out the words to the book I didn’t intend to write right now, God reminded me that His timing doesn’t look like mine. He reminded me that if I will let Him lead, if I will trust Him, when I obey, when I surrender, He will lead the work. He will carry the weight. 

Of the seasons in which we traditionally practice waiting, when the eagerness of what’s coming can drive us wild with anticipation and impatience, it’s in Advent that we recount the anticipation of both Christ’s birth and His eventual return. 

We want what we want when we want it, isn’t that how it goes? Advent means “coming” which implies then, that we are waiting for something–for Someone.


With all of the preparations that go into the Christmas season, it’s easy to distract ourselves from the necessary waiting. How many of us can stand in a line anymore without mindlessly scrolling through our phones or looking for other forms of distraction? I am supremely guilty of this, since waiting often feels like time wasting.

But what if the waiting is intentional? What if waiting doesn’t have anything to do with wasting but with learning to hope instead? What if learning to bear the weight of the waiting is actually what helps us experience the fullness of Christ’s presence?

In July, I discovered this. When the work was finished, I quietly asked a few of my mentors to offer some words-

Every heart that longs to ‘prepare him room,’ can be grateful for Kris Camealy and this graceful guide.”  S. D. Smith, author of The Green Ember Series

Those who read the book early shared one collective thought, that the words in Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting helped them to exhale.

Come, Lord Jesus invites us to slow down, to resist the pull toward filling our Christmas to overflowing, and to open a quiet, unhurried space for Jesus to enter in. Give yourself a gift this Advent season, and let this beautiful book illuminate for you the unexpected blessings that are born in waiting.” –Michelle DeRusha, author of Katharina and Martin Luther: The Radical Marriage of a Runaway Nun and a Renegade Monk (January 2017)

Who among us doesn’t need to slow down a bit this coming season, to make room for the promises of Jesus to seep in deep and water the weariness of our dusty hearts?

This book is an invitation into the quiet, the wonder, and the mystery of Advent. I felt my breathing slow while turning the pages. With her words, Kris Camealy offers a sanctuary for us all –where we can simply be still and wait on our King.Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of The Happiness Dare 

Who among us isn’t already feeling the creep of anxiety knowing that Christmas is a mere 65 days away?

Pick up this refreshing book and beautifully prepare your heart for His advent.” -Mary DeMuthWorth Living: How God’s Wild Love for You Makes You Worthy

Image by @mumsyluvsyou on Instagram

I’ve lived frantic Advent seasons stuffed to the brim with activity and distraction. I’ve watched it all burn out, and trees fall down. But it’s not been for nothing. Every messy, impatient Advent season has landed me here. Every imperfect practice of waiting has led me to this moment. My perpetual impatience has been tried and tested, refined and repurposed in this project.

God wastes nothing. Not one idle moment spent waiting is without intention. 

What if this year, we decided to stand still a little longer than feels comfortable? What if instead of stuffing our calendars to the brim, we made a little more space to practice waiting with purpose? What if we let ourselves feel the weight of that waiting, and allow God to grow in us a hopeful expectation for the things promised but not yet present?

I’m leaning into this coming season with an eager anticipation for what is coming–for who is coming. I’m rediscovering what it means to be still and know that God is Who He says He is. That He is I Am. That He is Immanuel–God with us. 

Maybe what we all need in a miserable election cycle, in a world tipped sideways with trauma unfolding on every continent is space to wait with our questions and our hope. Maybe the fix we need this season isn’t to do more, but to be still. To press into the folds of God’s robe and let Him transform our hearts. Maybe what we need most is to rediscover that even as we wait, He is present.

He has come, He is here now, He is coming again. 

Join me in the waiting. Let this be an Advent season rimmed with hopeful expectation. Let’s whisper, “Come, Lord Jesus”, and give Him unhurried space to enter into us.


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  1. This is beautiful, Kris. Again, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this. Your vulnerability and insight have been beautiful gifts. I had great difficulty falling asleep last night, so you were prayed over once again. 🙂 Enjoy this launch day.

  2. Good morning Kris and congratulations!! I have a busy day but wanted to stop in first thing and let you know I’ll be praying for you throughout the day and hope that your day is filled with so many good things!! xo

  3. Happy launch day, Kris! What a delight it has been to be a part of this team! I truly cannot be more excited to share about this book so I am doing so on Facebook and Twitter as often as I can 🙂 Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of it all!

  4. Stephanie Hanes

    I’m so excited to read this! I preordered the Kindle version and may have to start reading today already. Your lent devotional book was such a blessing to me and I’ve been waiting for another book from you! I shared this post on Facebook – love All the prizes!

  5. Kris! Release day is here! I love this post, and I love you, and I love this book. I am ever so grateful to have walked the final steps of the journey with you. A humbled privilege. I am sharing all over the socials today. Do not enter me in the giveaway, Save that for others. ❤️???

  6. Kathy Scott

    I shared on FB and also Pinterest. Your topic of waiting is so apropo as I am in this state, reaching for a dream to come true, yet realizing it is all in God’s time and in His hands. I look forward to reading this new book you’ve written with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

  7. I’m so proud of you–your obedience and willingness to surrender; to give up your ideas to sit quietly before the Lord’s :). You bless others when you bless God this way.

    Yes! I’d love to win a copy–not all the extra prizes that you’re offering above (because, hello??? You have some doozies!), but because I’d love to see your handwriting in a signed copy. So thankful GT connected us, and for your graciousness as host there, but also all over the internets :).

    Shared on Twitter :).

  8. Bronwyn Jardin

    Congratulations, our daughter, and “daughter of the King!” Dad and I are so happy for you on this launch day! Dad isn’t waiting for Advent to read, he’s deep into your book already. We love you so and rejoice in this time. Oh yes, sharing on FB.

  9. Yvette

    Yay! So excited for you and your new book. Your writing is so refreshing and definitely leads is slowly and intentionally to the Savior.

    Posted on FB!

  10. Yvette

    Can I just say that I have been looking at the wooden Cradle to Cross wreath for way too many years. If I don’t win it…I’m going to buy one this year!

  11. Oh, how I know the weight of waiting…having to learn over and over to lean into the process rather than running away from it. There’s something beautiful about the rest we find when we lean into God’s arms in the waiting. May God use your words to help many turn back to Him this Advent season. Celebrating with you, Kris! Sharing on FB 🙂

  12. Shannon Linde

    Good Morrning! I ordered your book a couple of days ago and it should be here today by 8 pm, so says Amazon! I ordered the moment I read about it. I am thankful for you period of waiting and that you listened. That is a very good lesson for me. I am not so great at waiting. I am so excited for this Advent season and to spend the days with you and your words and seeking after the Lord. I have shared and thank you for the opportunity to really delve into this upcoming most Holy of Seasons.

    1. Kris Camealy Author

      Jessica! Thank you so much! And congrats to you! You won the HOPE letterpress blocks and a signed copy of Come, Lord Jesus–YAY!! Please email me your mailing address : kris(at)alwaysalleluia(dot)com


      1. Jessica Pelkey

        That’s Amazing! Thank you so much Kris!!! Every time I look upon those letters I will think of YOU and the tremendous blessing you are in spirit, heart and WORDS! Peace and love!!!

  13. Jo

    And on Twitter. And, it’s not really 2am on the 21st like the comment says haha! It’s 10pm on the 20th. Silly computer clock. Took me a long time to share cuz I’m bad at social media.

  14. I’m so excited about this book for you. It has definitely been worth the weight in getting this out there. So many people need to read this to help them through their waiting. Definitely sharing for you. ?

  15. Congratulations, Kris! Thank you for being an example of faithfulness and obedience. Your book looks absolutely stunning. May it bring much glory to the One we wait for! Every blessing to you. (Shared on Facebook.)

  16. Hi Kris,
    Happy Launch & Congratulations on your newest book. I’ve only read the quotes I’ve seen and it’s speaking to my Waiting heart in the midst on a lonnng Season of Waiting. I look forward to reading through it this Advent Season.
    {HUGs} Love Ya! Susie 🙂


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