On Rodgers & Hammerstein And God-Sized Dreaming


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Last Friday, exactly one week from the launch of  my book, I fell into a dark hole. What I mean is, at 7 PM, I found myself staring blankly into the glowing screen of my iPhone begging for prayers from my friends.

It was dark in here. I felt completely void of any ability to do anything, I wanted to crawl into a cave, roll a stone in front, and hibernate for a long time.

I sent out an S.O.S for prayers and my friends did not disappoint. Within minutes the messages were rolling in, encouraging me, cheering me on, prayers being offered up on my behalf. I wept as I read their encouraging words. Though the exhaustion weighed heavy on me, my heart was encouraged and strengthened by the truths these women proclaimed over my life.

Just before bed that night, I opened an email from my pal, Deidra. God used her words to speak to me. Her post Friday was an experience she had while on her recent trip skiing in Colorado. At one point, as Deidra tells it,  “the mountain got in her head”. As soon as I read her words, I knew that is exactly what had happened to me Friday. The “mountain” (this book launch) totally got in my head and talked a heap of trash to me–and I started to believe it.

I made my way over to Diedra’s blog to thank her in her comment box and turned in for the night with the prayers of my friends and Deidra’s words swirling in my head.

Sunday morning I woke up with “Climb Every Mountain” playing on repeat in my brain. If you don’t know, that song is from the musical, The Sound of Music , which I have seen no less than 50 times in my life.

I’m the daughter of a Drama teacher. I cut my teeth to the music of various Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals. My Mom is a huge  fan of Julie Andrews, and while I know the song by heart, it did strike me as odd that it was in my head, since I haven’t watched the movie on over a year.

Halfway through getting ready for church it hit me, Deidra’s post was about not letting the mountain get inside you and shake you up. Her words were about staying the course and not quitting when the voices of fear and defeat start slamming your dreams–or God’s dreams for you.  In that beautiful scene of the film, when Mother Abess belts out the words:

Climb every mountain, ford every stream,

follow every rainbow,

’till you find your dream,

a dream that will need,

all the love you can give,

everyday of your life, for as long as you live … 

She encourages Julie Andrews Character, Maria, to go out into the world and pursue her dreams.  This was the message God wanted me to hear. Letting the dream mess with our heads sets us up for a fall. Our knees knock and we shift unsteady as we face the various “what if’s”. Chasing a God-sized dream is hard work, to be taken seriously, and the only way to make that journey is on our knees. The whole concept of a God-sized dream is not the actual size of the dream, but the fact that these dreams are not things we can accomplish apart from Christ.

In order to live out the God-sized dream, we have to climb the mountain, not let it rattle our cage. We have to keep pushing onward and upward after that rainbow that is the glory of a life lived in obedience. Living the God sized dreams is about following the Living Water wherever He leads, through whatever canyons and valleys, up whatever mountains we may be called to along the way.

As for me, I would seek God, and to God would I commit my cause, who does great things and unsearchable, marvelous things without number: Job 5:8-9

I thank God for the way He used my dream-team and Deidra to speak wisdom to me in a hour of utter weakness.

What’s messing with your dream these days?

What are you doing get focused on the mission God has given you?


 This post is part of Holley’s God-Sized Dream team link up. Next week, we’re talking about what fears we’ve faced down in pursuit of the dream. I hope you’ll join us!

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0 thoughts on “On Rodgers & Hammerstein And God-Sized Dreaming

  1. Fabulous post! My mother in law was a huge Sound of Music fan as am I. What a treasure to picture this photo with our God sized dreams…I want to be that Julie Andrews free to sing our praises to the King! He helps us enjoy and move those mountains! 🙂

    1. Julie, I so appreciate your heart, your friendship, and unfailing encouragement. Thank you for praying and cheering me on. You are partially responsible for any progress I have made 😉

  2. “we have to climb the mountain, not let it rattle our cage. We have to keep pushing onward and upward after that rainbow that is the glory of a life lived in obedience ”

    It reminded me of Dory in ‘Finding Nemo’!
    “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! Just keep swimming swimming swimming” – and we can swap ‘swimming’ with other positive action words 😀
    It’s a catchy tune too ^^

    and I love The Sound of Music! 🙂
    I visited Salzburg last year December & the tour guide screened it for us (my second time watching it) on the bus and I was encouraged by the song lyrics 🙂
    especially since I was in the midst of thinking about my God-sized dream!


  3. Mel

    Thank you for this…amazing words of wisdom. 🙂 As a side note, I’m a huge Rodgers & Hammerstein fan…I once watched the entire DVD collection in a weekend and sang all the songs really loud. I think my husband wanted to run for cover. So this made me smile. 🙂 Blessings!

  4. I love ‘The Sound of Music’!
    I was listening to an LDP graduate tonight on a Compassion webinar that I was able to attend. He said the most encouraging thing he was told was to dream big dreams, and let God handle the details. I think we worry about the details too often. I pray that you don’t worry about the details too much this week. 🙂

  5. Miss Rachel

    Oh *THANK YOU* for sharing your heart in this post…as a newbie writer who’s been “pushed” into writing by the Lord (wink) and has felt Him calling me to do this new big scary thing in writing my first book this is one of the main area’s I’ve been struggling in. I’ve learned so much but it’s a slow process to gaining confidence in myself and what God is doing in me at this point in my life. So your post was a huge encouragement to me this morning. 🙂

    “…not quitting when the voices of fear and defeat start slamming your dreams–or God’s dreams for you.” – loved this! <3

    Thank you for sharing your testimony!

  6. oh, dreamer friend! Thank you for your words. this page has been sitting in my open tabs since Tuesday and I finally took the time to read it! My dreams are being drowned with “Yea, hath God said?” and I’m overwhelmed by my classwork, so much so that I haven’t even been able to blog my Tuesday dreaming posts… and I’ve been missing a few Five Minute Fridays, too!!
    those verses from Job were just what I needed to read today. thank you for sharing them.
    my free time has been prioritized with Hello Mornings and She Reads Truth which has left little time for blogging. I’m encouraged to know that God wants me seeking Him. I will let him work out the details! 🙂


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