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On Teaching Kids Not To Quit ~ A {GIVEAWAY}

“It’s too hard!” she moans, flinging herself dramatically at my feet. Judging by the catastrophic shape of her room right now, I can see why she feels this way. By anyones’ standards this room is an utter disaster. I imagine that for a 4 year old, this mess does look too hard to clean up. Picking her up off off the floor, I encourage her to pick one thing and start there. She starts to whine again but my reminder of the potential of losing things, helps motivate and she listens this time.

We talk about how this is a big mess for a little girl to clean, but that if she starts with one thing and then works on it that way, she is plenty capable of tackling the task. Before she knows it, the room is clean and she smiles big at me, tugging my arm and leading me down the hall to see what she’s accomplished.


We recently had the pleasure of adding Sheila Walsh’s latest Gabby book, Gabby’s Stick-to-It Day: A Story About Never Giving Up (Gabby, God’s Little Angel)
to our collection.This particular story provides a fantastic tool for assisting in teaching our children to learn to stick with things, even when it’s hard or frustrating. We have read and re-read this book many times already.

These books are pure delight to read and look at. The whimsical illustrations and sweet characters have made them a real hit with my two girls. Gabby, God’s little angel has a big job watching out for Sophie, but she rises to the task and Sophie always learns a little more about who God is, and how much He loves and cares for her.

Gabby can help your kids learn what it means no stick with things, coloring pages for this book can be found HERE.

I am GIVING away a copy to one of you! Yay!

{GIVEAWAY} Details: One reader will be selected at random to  win a FREE copy of this book. To be entered in the {Giveaway} complete any or all of the following actions:

(Mandatory Entry) Answer this question: How do you encourage your kids not to give up when things are hard?

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  1. Craig

    Just here fore the reading of YOUR words today…I’m trying to keep my “book” reading a little more mature 🙂  anyway, I heart that you tied this in with your baby cleaning her room. My mom always knew that I considered my room to be clean when there was at least 25% of the floor visible 🙂 I taught my nieces – not the brand-new nieces – the five-minute rule. Their rooms were a disaster, so we took 5 min. a day over the course of a week or so and transformed their rooms in r minute spurts…and there was even some kicking and screaming about that – but both were thrilled with the results. You’re such a good mom. God bless you and each and every one of yours Krissie.

    1. alwaysalleluia

      Oh Craig, I like the five minute clean up idea. That makes the job more manageable and maybe even a little more fun (?) We can play a game- “how much can you clean up in 5 minutes-ready…set…go!” 😉 I love that you care for your neices in such a sweet and tender way. How blessed they are to call you uncle. How blessed am I to call you friend. 😉 Thank you for your kind encouragement and clean-up tips! I’m going to try that one….right….now! God bless you, brother!

  2. Rachel E.

    I subscribed for your feed into my inbox.  I already have you on a feed into my blog.  I already like the Gigi books, but this looks like a great set too.  

    I always try to encourage my kids to not give up by telling them God always wants our best.  If we have done our best, then he doesn’t expect anything more of us.  My kids are usually pretty persistent.  Giving up is not in their genes.  When they do quit, I tell them it isn’t an option.  They need to try again.  

  3. Vanessa

    I think it is important to teach children perseverance and endurance. Show them examples of those who have endured and experienced a great victory in the end! Remind them of times in the past when they kept going and were successful. Share personal examples of times when you may have failed, or experienced hardship, but kept going and persevered.

  4. We encourage our children to not give up, by showing them the importance of finishing what they start, and taking care of what God has given them. We have let them not finish, and take care of so that they get to see what happens. Example a few great toys have been broken. Items needed for school, or an even have been missed. It isn’t always easy to do this. I don’t want to see my children struggle but we also realize how important it is for them to learn these things now! Would love to win this! I tweeted it, liked ya on facebook, and signed up for the site! I am looking forward to checking out your site more! Thanks for sharing this! 

  5. My first thought to your question was I have no idea! how do I encourage them when I often find myself doing the same thing. Makes me want to try harder. so when the time comes I can say, hey…do you remember how yesterday…. for true stories reach my oldest son like nothing else. especially when he knows the characters involved. I’m striving to be one of those good characters 🙂 involved. 

  6. Mary Souther

    My daughter is only 20 months so right now I encourage her by letting her do things to feel helpful. For example, I let her sprinkle the salt and pepper when I scramble eggs for breakfast. Or I encourage her to put all her toys in the toy bucket. She is learning to obey mommy in the small things like putting socks in the dirty clothes or taking trash to the trashcan. I’m sure we have many more lessons in store for us!


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