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One Word To Define Your Year (Plus A Giveaway)

One Word To Define Your Year (Plus A Giveaway)
One Word 2014
A page from my art journal

Last year’s word smacked me straight upside the head , as I sat minding my own business in the half-empty Panera around the corner. As soon as I heard it, I rejected it.

I say heard, but really, it was a squeezing feeling that started in my gut and forced a lump into my throat. I shook my head, as if Jesus himself were sitting across from the table with me, and I whispered, no, not that word. I don’t think so, Jesus. 

But I felt Him staring at me with His gentle, but firm stare and I knew heal was the word I needed, regardless of how I felt about–especially because of how I felt about it.

So 2013 was indeed a year of healing. It was as painful in some moments as I feared it would be, and included a turn receiving some professional counseling, but all told It was a good word for me–and a good year.

But really, it was only the beginning of a journey.

This year, my one word is release. It feels like a companion word to last years heal. I’ve dragged a lot of trash to the curb over the last 12 months, but sometimes, I’ve caught myself sitting out there on top of the bags. I’ve even peeked in a couple and debated taking things back out to hold to a bit longer. It sounds weird but letting go of old hurts and memories isn’t a natural thing for me. There’s strange comfort in those familiar aches.

But I hear the rumble of the truck. God’s telling me to get off of the bags, to walk away from the pile and just let it go–release it.

Photo courtesy of GraceTags Jewelry on Etsy

So that’s where I’m headed, into a year of letting things go–expectations, old wounds, dismantled dreams, shoulds, woulds, and could have’s. I’m shaking the “if only’s” off of my feet and learning to forgive and forget–not the lessons of course, but the sting of them.

With Refine {the retreat} licking at my heels I’m learning to release my expectations of what it will be. I’ve dreamt of this event for a year now, but ultimately, when all is said and done, it will be God’s doing, His event, His timing and plan carried out. It’s just about time to release it–


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  1. I have never had a word…but this year maybe phrase…I actually read it at study in brown….it was “yield and go”…. And along with Mary’s prayer…behold your handmaiden… It is similar to release…blessings to you this new year !!!!

    1. And next revolution with UEFI 2 : you will be happy to suck MS’ dick just to boot Linux under their UEFi 2 ?MS should have NOT signed those EFI soft. Would have made it cracked/hacked.Not Linux is under MS rules.Happy world coming

      1. rachelrusticus

        Thank Kris! Thinking more about it, I would do Faithful to Him, meaning God as the first Him & my husband as the second…seeking to be both faithful to both.

  2. Julie Reynolds

    My one word for 2014 is GROW. I want to grow in my faith, grow fruit that shines for Jesus, grow in my relationships and grow spiritually so that I point more clearly to Him. 2 Peter 3:18 is my verse

  3. My word for 2014 is “hope”. I’m hoping for more opportunity to share ‘the hope that lives within me’. And I’m hoping that all te lost people around me (in Bangkok) will receive the ‘hope of glory’.

  4. Karrilee Aggett

    I love Janelle and Grace Tags! (I won a necklace last year – which went along great for my OneWord Surprise!) This year – my OneWord is Vision… I can’t wait to see (ha ha… get it?) how it shows up this year!

  5. JViola79

    My word is “Faith” – “And without faith it is impossible to please God.” (Heb. 11:6). I want my life to please God every day, in every way. My desire is to have faith for more this year.

  6. Release is such a powerful word Kris. i get it as I learn to open my hands and surrender. its going to be a year of work (it may even be messy for me) so we’ll have to go into each month prayerfully and intentionally but I am confident that He is preparing us for new seasons as we let go and dig deeper.
    PS love the picture…very creative!


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