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For the last two years I have participated in the whole “one word” idea. In 2011, my word was obedience–and what a year that was.For 2012, my word was Trust. Both times I prayed about my word and God amazed and humbled me with how each of these words truly did somewhat define the overall theme of the year for me.

It’s that time again. I have prayed and waited and asked and listened and my heart has heard the word for this year, and to be honest, I’m not all that thrilled about it. I thought about not sharing it, because the word itself implies a brokenness that I am uncomfortable admitting. 

 The truth is, with each of the words I have chosen (or God has whispered to me) I have been somewhat reluctant. Even the words themselves are not easy–obedience is hard, trust–equally challenging in a different way. This year, my word actually makes me the most anxious of the three.

The thing is, God has been gracious enough to teach me about these things in good order. As I have learned to obey Him more fully, He has shown Himself to be fully trustworthy. He has shown up again and again–and again, in huge ways during the last two years. Now, because I understand more than ever, His faithfulness, I do trust Him with whatever the coming year holds.

I know that no matter my personal reservations, obedience is paramount to living fully for Christ. So, as  I accept what my one word for this year will be, I’m embracing it with both human trepidation, and faithful hope for what God will do.

My one word for 2013 is:

Do you participate in the One Word 365 Community?

Have you chosen a word for 2013?

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41 thoughts on “One Word for 2013

  1. Beautiful. Oh, my own heart flutters at that word – the meaning behind the work involved – not our physical work or our to do list, but the work of the Holy Spirit. Praying for you – I”m still searching for my one word….

    1. I love the way you put that, Rebecca. It’s so true–there’s not much I can do but watch and wait, and see how He works. Praying you hear Him and have peace about the word for your year. Bless you, my friend.

  2. How exciting!! Implied brokeness is default mode for everyone, so no worries with that, Kris. Heal is a powerful and boat-rocking word, considering only one can achieve this. God. And if that is your word, it reveals your total reliance on his work to be done. I love that! Here’s to a great New Years! Can’t wait to see this manifest in your daily life. 🙂 My One Word post is here:


    1. Falen, I love your one word. That’s a very exciting word! It will be neat to see all of the ways God uses that in your life in the coming year! Thanks for reading here and encouraging me today.

    1. Sandy, that just seems so perfect for you. I don’t know why, but as soon as I read that, it just made me smile so wide 😉 I’m excited to see what God will do through you this year.

  3. Tammy Brouwer

    This is the first time I’ve heard of this idea of one word for the year. I LOVE IT! And the neat thing is that as I was reading this post I thought quickly, “Lord, what would my word be?” I tend to over think everything so I was surprised when a word came quickly to my mind. As I read more of your post, and then to some of the links I thought about ways people came to choose their word. But the Lord kept whispering the same word over and over again in my mind. This word is quite applicable in my life right now, even though I don’t really like it – never have. But it is God’s word for me this year WAIT.

    1. Oh friend. That was a doozy for me. But, honestly, it’s a wonderful challenging word and God will do so much through you as you seek to obey Him in all things. I feel your struggle. Oh boy, do I…. 😉

  4. HopeUnbroken

    this is my second year, and i’m more compelled than excited. my word–fearless. and i’m scared to death. fantastic, eh? He gives us these words for a reason. that is the only thing i know for sure. and this, day 2, has shown me already there is purpose in it. purpose in ME. purpose in the next 363 days to come.
    i look forward to seeing how healing plays out in your life this year. that is just plain exciting. 🙂

  5. Howdy Neighbor! I pray we all learn whatever it is God planned for us to discover this year. Looking forward to being nudged and stretched with you.

    PS I’m on year 1 and my word is KNOW (no surpise there huh?).

    Happy New Year Kris!

  6. Heal…what a beautiful thought! Love it! My word for 2013 is JOY. As in:
    Psalms 5:11-12 But let all who take refuge in you
    rejoice; let them ever sing for joy, and spread your protection over
    them, that those who love your name may exult in you. For you bless the
    righteous, O LORD; you cover him with favor as with a shield.
    I’m looking forward to a joy filled 2013 🙂

  7. joyfullyinhim

    Beautiful, very encouraging.

    My word for 2013 is LIVE. A word that is packed with a passion to make my everyday extraordinary for His glory! Finding eternity in every moment given!

    Blessings over your year and your word, looking forward to hearing what He is doing in and through you through out 2013!

  8. I love that word. I think in some ways it is similar in meaning to my own. My work for 2013 is refine and fly. Two words really. One didn’t fit, without the other. Last year was my year of leaping and this year, it’s the year I take all that I have learned and in the midst of cocooning, build wings. Its the year of refinement. Cleansing. Healing. And learning to fly with new wings.


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