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Open~Five Minute Friday

I cannot believe this is the last Friday of this year. I am always astounded at how the days can sometimes drip slow, a dark molasses of sticky brown pooling at life’s counter edge and yet the years whirl past so quickly, whipped up by a frenzied mixer into something sweet and thick that runs at the edges. Each one of my babies just had a birthday. From October to December, each one marked another year of life. And we have celebrated and prayed prayers of Thanksgiving, and rejoiced over a God-baby born into darkness- and it all feels a bit like a recipe that sits completed, cooling on the counter, all that work and then it’s finished. We’ll taste the memory of it from time to time, we’ll nibble at the crumbs and savor the pieces that we can hold on to and yet, the work comes again. An empty bowl sits on this counter top, waiting to be filled….

(it’s just now 5A.M. perhaps I am hungry, dreaming up life-food analogies 😉 )

And here it is, the last Five Minute Friday of the year. I jumped on this sometime in April perhaps and have loved it from the start!

By now, you likely know the rules, but if you happen to be new here, then here’s the skinny~ write for just five minutes, no editing, click publish. That’s it for the hard part. Then just share your words and affirm others by commenting on the people linked up around you. Be generous, be kind, be encouraging… we’re all baring a bit of soul here and it feels good to give so do it generously!

Today’s prompt is Open~


This is a season of growth here. Everything has been stretched and pulled and seems have bit ripped and re-sewn in effort to make this skin fit right. God’s been cracking me wide open with His ideas for me about what my following Him should look like. The journey to this very moment has been exciting and insane and long and I’ve been tired and whiny and grateful and encouraged all along the way. I prayed to be open to His plans, and you know how it goes when you ask Jehova-Jireh, to give you something, He gives and gives, the abundant fountain that pours out until I am overflowing with His mercies. There I stood at His feet with my trembling hands, cupped and open and the steady stream of gifts that has poured down has been nothing short of miraculous. Learning to live open handed, waiting for Him to fill has been a challenge to say the least. I ever realized how tight-fisted I can be until He has gently but firmly, pried my fingers from the heels of my hands, His grace nudging them back to open every time I am tempted to snap them shut. How he has graciously and generously given of Himself, through you, His fellow workers, to me, just another somebody wandering along side you…


Want to play along? Joining with Lisa-Jo and fabulous others for Five Minute Friday today.

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  1. Dailydwelling

    Such beautiful words! It is hard to truly open ourselves up to God and His plans for us. It takes courage, trust, and so much faith to allow Him to mold and make. But, oh, the blessings that flow from that molding and making!

  2. Anonymous

    not sure whether i should say, “amen”, “carry on”, or “thank you!”  perhaps all three apply 🙂  
    always thankful for you and your space here, kris.  praying for you as we begin a new year, friend!

  3. I can so relate to this, Kris: “Learning to live open handed, waiting for Him to fill has been a challenge to say the least. I ever realized how tight-fisted I can be until He has gently but firmly, pried my fingers from the heels of my hands, His grace nudging them back to open every time I am tempted to snap them shut.”

    That living with “open hands” phrase of Ann’s (I heard her speak at She Speaks) has impacted me greatly. Praying for open hands for Him in so many ways. Happy Friday!

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks, Caroline. It’s not often easy for me, when I realize just how tightly I ahve been holding on to things, But God is so gracious and how He waits for me to relax and rest in Him… God bless you, my friend.

  4. Momsnewbeginning

    Hello, my name is Karen and I am new to your blog but enjoyed it very much and look forward to coming back to visit .. I loved your post.. God has truly stretched me this year.. moving me and my family to a new part of the state,, taking me from all my life long known comforts and teaching me new ways.. I have to admit,, I didnt do this move with glee, but I am trusting God and his decisions..and Im looking forward to what he has in store for 2012..
    Have a blessed year for you and your loved ones as well.. and hope you will swing by to visit me in 2012.. God Bless

    1. Anonymous

      Ahh, Lisa-Jo. You are so busy and you took the time to comment here. Bless you, friend. I am so grateful for the outlet you have encouraged with the whole Five Minute Fridays meme. One of the highlights of my year was meeting you and doing a real-live FMF at Relevant. You are the real deal. Praying your new year is ripe with the sweet blessings of Christ, may the sweet glory of His gifts drip all down on you 😉

  5. What a powerful image that challenges me to the core — are my hands open or closed, my heart ready to receive, or hard?  I want to be open — I want to not miss out on anything of Him!  Thank you, Krissie.  

  6. Kristi

    Love, love the open hands 🙂 I borrowed it in my thought process it resounded with me so. Praying for an amazing year with that same over and above abundance that our Savior is so famous for. Meeting you and our friendship is one of the highlights of my year. I thought it was accidental….I couldn’t find a seat at dinner…it was crowded in that space by that serving tray that night at Relevant…yet He made a place for us to connect and I walked away blessed. Thank you dear sister!!

  7. Hi! I’ve read you before… probably on incourage. This was really beautiful – I posted somewhere around you and that’s how I got here. I feel the same: that the seams of my life keep getting stretched and re-sewn to fit right.  I know that it fit right at some point – before I messed it up with my own visions and plans… but thank God He is in the businesses of making all things new again 😉 

    I’m glad to connect… I hope we can find encouragement in each others words as we move into the new year. You can find me here:

    Many blessings, sister. Keep your heart flowing. -e.

  8. Anonymous

    Oh girl! I can see how your #writenights are just over flowing into your words here. I stand in awe of the word weaver that you are… as well as at the OPEN heart that you have to Him, to us…to me.

    Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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