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God does these crazy things and I jump in most times head first because that’s me and that’s how I operate. I don’t always stop to ask questions, I don’t always look before I leap. An eternal optimist, I assume it’s all going to rock and be amazing, and sometimes I am completely right.

Of course being sometimes right means I am also sometimes wrong and all opportunities are not equal and shouldn’t all be taken.

God’s opportunities for me lately have fallen into a completely different category. It’s not black and white. I’m bounding through puddles of gray (grey?) and with each measured footfall I keep nagging at Him, asking for details I didn’t used to care about. I want to know if this one’s right, or maybe that one over there.

Tangled up in opportunities I’m confused and unsure, the what-ifs crash loud and suddenly decision making has become tedious and there’s no more head-first plunging.

Doubt and fear, the evil twins who tamper with my head and my heart, slipping stealthily in that cracked door I’m always neglecting to lock shut and in the swirl of God’s blessings I question and fret and stress–

What would you have me do, I wonder at Him, that God who paints outrageous sunsets and hangs Cheshire moons in midnight skies. In the choices I spin dizzy and I hear it through the tiny receiver of my iPhone–across the country she says to me just this, and I know He’s answering my questions with an absurd and genius word, “Pursue waiting on the Lord”. 

The only opportunity worth really chasing down, the only one that changes everything, is the one that brings me closest to Him.

And so I wait.


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0 thoughts on “Opportunity

  1. Okay… first, I have to say, you took my breath away with your picture… B E A U T I F U L…

    And your words and your heart… even more so. Draw me close… is my prayer… my heart is stirred.

    1. oh friend. Bless you. So thankful for your constant encouragement and friendship! What a gift you are! running over to see if you played tonight….

    1. Amen, I am learning this lesson constantly, it’s not easy, but I already taste small pieces of the reward…

  2. Do you know how much I love this? In all the mess and wanting, the chasing hard and blind searching, there’s this crazy-good trust emerging. You’re slowing down, listening intently, seeking His hand in the shadows. He’s got this, girlfriend, and He’s got *you*.

    Just five more months, sister. I love you.

    1. I’m just so thankful for you, Jana. For the grace you encourage me in, and the gentle way you lead me on, always closer to Him. XOO

  3. Love this and love you! I read your words and wish we lived closer so we could share in these heart moments. You are a precious friend and I can see the beautiful work God is doing in you.

    1. Denise, sweet sister ,I am praying for you and sending hugs. Wish we lived closer together! Thank God for the internet and cell phones, eh? Still, it’s a poor substitute for being together in the flesh!

  4. beautifully said, kris! such encouragement in all of it. love how you pursue hotly, with passion and continued purpose.
    as always, thanks for sharing HIs words with us!

  5. i love your new picture…just lovely…pursue waiting …active but restful…we don’t need to strive…I am so thankful He wants to lead us…even more than we want to be lead. May your weekend be blessed with resting in Him~

    1. This idea of pursuing waiting?! It’s so crazy isn’t it? But as I am working at it, I begin to see the very glimpses of the grace in it… May we learn to live it well, Ro. Bless you.

  6. Such a beautiful picture…you are timeless! And such eloquent and encouraging words. One of my favorite quotes (which actually comes from a curriculum on grieving) is
    “Waiting is less about what you get when you’re done waiting and more about how God is changing you through the process of waiting…”

  7. Just beautiful! You’ve managed to capture my heart right there on your post today. The waiting process, which I’m soooo not good at. The waiting longing for more of Him, for hearing His sweet voice, for wondering where He’ll call me next. The wait. Why do I not see that as such a great opportunity most days? Blessings sweet friend!

    1. Alene, you inspire me to live more faithfully. Bless you as you seek and serve Him with all that you are.

  8. This is beautiful. I just followed your writers facebook page I believe yesterday as I came over today from Lisa Jo’s to find these words of yours. They are so familiar. This is honest, this is real and it speaks to encouragement to me. This was a great word prompt and its so comforting to read other writers journey down the page with this word opportunity.

    1. Elizabeth, Thank so much for your beautiful encouragement. I am so thankful you were encouraged. Bless you, new friend!

  9. I love your words.

    I always assume everything is going to rock and be amazing too. I am slowly working through learning all opportunities shouldn’t be taken as well, even the good ones. Which makes it tough.

    1. Amy~ Yes! Sometimes it gets confusing when the good opportunities come along and we think we ought to take them, but we shouldnt… I am also learning this.. s l o w l y. Bless you, girlfriend.

  10. “Pursue waiting on the Lord.” Wow. Thank you so much for your beautiful vulnerability and wisdom, Krissie. I am so much like you in this — the rushing in and eternal optimist thing. And yes, I need to wait and listen more before acting. I don’t want to miss Him. {Your photo, too, is just beautiful.} Thank you!

  11. Beautifully written as always Kris! I too am struggling to “pursue waiting on the Lord” Jeff & I have been waiting for over a week for an opportunity that God may or may not be bringing into our lives. It’s hard not knowing, but I have to trust that God knows & when the time is right (HIS time & not mine) then I too will know 🙂 Love how your blog gets me thinking of His will & not mine!

  12. Waiting and persevering. Two of the hardest things. I have been in waiting modes and now in persevering to finish some things. Trusting in God all the time. Trying to have no fear – but pushing through.
    Blessings on your post,

    1. Yes, Jan. I know this well, waiting on some things, pushing ahead to persevere in others… God is so faithfully good isn’t He? Bless you, my friend.

  13. You said exactly what was in my head. I wait to hear…or see it flashing BRIGHT On a huge BILL BOARD in size 128 font….apparently God doesn’t operate in my ways. Which is good right…it is just darn hard waiting for directions. Great words and a beautiful space!!

    1. Casey,
      yes, the waiting is hard. but I know I can trust Him in the waiting. He never leaves us… Bless you!

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