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Pssst, hey there. You know that crazy place we sometimes spend too much time pouring over, hoarding images, stockpiling ideas like there’s a shortage of genius coming?  Yeah, that place–Pinterest.

What if we took a break from pinning the excess and pinned a few things that remind us not of what we want, but of what others need? ?Tweet this

This month, Compassion is hosting a Pinterest Contest. This is probably one of the easiest contests you could ever enter–and one of the best ways to spend that 10 minutes you’ve allotted for hanging out over there.

You know all those followers you’ve got repining your stuff? What if, you pinned something that could change someones life forever?  Yes, those Anthro dishes are gorgeous, I know, they really are, but these kids, they barely have food to pile onto their dish–assuming they have a dish.

I know that recipe and that craft project would make you a rock star in your circle of influence, but what if you used your influence to help these kids out?

You can change the life of a child with just one pin; One pin that someone sees, and follows a link, where they discover this whole community of kids who need something, who have nothing, one pin that plants a seed in the heart of a viewer, who decides not just to re-pin this message of poverty, but to act–to reach beyond the screen, to click into the very heart of a child in need.

Sometimes, one Pin is all it takes, right?–to spur an idea, to start a wildfire of awesomeness–just one pin.

You can get the details here

Think about it.

Oh and Pin This, would ya?

{Need a Pinterest invite? Leave me a message int he comments with your email address, and I’ll send you one, just like that!}

September is Blog Month at Compassion. This post is part of a weekly series through the month of September. As an Advocate for Compassion International, it is my hope and prayer that you’ll join me in sharing the mission of Compassion which is, to set children free from poverty In Jesus’ name.The goal this month is to have 3108 children sponsored. Isn’t that exciting?

If you have any questions regarding child Sponsorship or Compassion International, feel free to email me or drop me a note in the comments section of this post.

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