Five Minute Friday


November 9, 2012

Joining my friends and Lisa-Jo this morning for Five Minute Friday. If you’re new here (welcome!) the rules are simple: Write, don’t edit, link your post to her page, and then share the encouragement like wildfire. You can do that, I know you can. The prompt this week is Quiet.


I’m not often quiet. Quiet is a practice I’m learning. I’m talking about inner quiet here–the quiet that hushes my internal monologue when I’m sitting with God. That’s a hard kind of silence, waiting before the Lord. But there’s gift in the space without words, without noise. It’s always a gift when we hear God’s words to us.

Surrounded by noise every day, almost every hour until bed time, lately I find myself looking for this quiet and clinging desperately to it when I steal moments of it. God finds me in these corners and whispers, He stirs up visions and dreams and like breadcrumbs on the path He drops pieces down and leads me into unknown territory. I’m hungry enough to follow. We should always be hungry enough to follow. 

This space has been quiet these last couple of weeks and I have at least twenty stories to tell you, stories about a princess party, a trip to Allume, miracles happening and crazy-God-moments that have permeated my daily life recently, but I can’t yet. I’m hard at work wrestling through a Lenten season before it comes this year. I’m walking through hard words penned last year when I found the barrenness of quiet to be excruciating, and if I’m honest, a bit scary.

So it’s back to that space I go, because I want to encourage you to go there too. Find quiet today. Make time to listen, to really hear all that is spoken when we’re quiet with God. He has a lot to tell us, if we’ll just be quiet long enough.

What’s God whispering to you these days? 



PS: I have to say thank you to so many of you who have been praying for me! I am so blessed by you, and grateful for your prayers. God is using you, my friends! Thank you!!

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  • Joy

    I love this! I know exactly how you feel. Well, maybe not exactly, but pretty darn close :) I am so grateful for those quiet moments when I am still enough to hear God whisper.
    Blessings to you, friend and Happy Friday.

    • Kris Camealy

      Bless you Joy, it’s such a gift to be understood, isn’t it? Thankful for you!

  • HopeUnbroken

    yes. and amen. finding that quiet with you.
    have a blessed weekend, friend!

    • Kris Camealy

      I pray you find sweet rest in the quiet Steph, that you’d hear Him and rejoice in His love for you, as He speaks to your heart.

  • Mary Bonner

    I get this, my friend! I SOOO get this. I am praying for daily…

    • Kris Camealy

      I believe it, Mary. I am sure you do. Thank you for prayers. I pray for you as well!

  • Crystal

    God will do mighty works in your life in the quiet. As much as I love your voice & want to hear those stories, keep at it, girl. Write the words. Do His work. Run the race 😉 Find the quiet.

    • Kris Camealy

      Ahh, yes, the race. I smiled when I read that–because I am so tragically out of shape (physically, and spiritually) Here’s to following a training plan for soul and body! He is our strength…. XO sweet Crystal. Love you, girl.

  • Denise Oldham

    Saying prayers for you.

    • Kris Camealy

      Denise, you are such a faithful friend, bless you!! Praying prayers of thanksgiving for you!

  • Holly

    Praying that the space left vacant by your silence will be filled to brimming with the presence of God. Walk through those hard places so that the rest of us can have a guide, friend. Grace and peace on you.

    • Kris Camealy

      Oh amen, bless you for this grace Holly. This comment stirred my heart SO much. Truly. I have no words except to humbly thank you…

  • Natasha Metzler

    Hmm…. so good.

    • Kris Camealy

      sweet blessings to you, Natasha!

  • Beth

    It IS a gift when God’s words arrow us in our quietest parts. Amen to this: “He stirs up visions and dreams and like breadcrumbs on the path He drops pieces down and leads me into unknown territory. I’m hungry enough to follow. We should always be hungry enough to follow. “

    • Kris Camealy

      Yes, YES. We should always be hungry enough to follow… Thank you, Beth.

  • Julie Anne Staub

    Beautiful reminder to welcome the quiet and listen for God’s whispers. I pray your quiet moments with Him bring light and healing after such a difficult season. Thank you for sharing!

    • Kris Camealy

      Thank you, Julie. God is doing crazy things in my life, and I know the prayers of my sisters are holding me up in the weaker moments. Thank you for your encouraging words! Bless you, my friend.

  • Cassi Brightforest

    so understand the line where quiet is a practice I am learning

    • Kris Camealy

      Yes, Cassi. learning it with you.

  • Alene Snodgrass

    To really hear is a gift!!! Oh how precious a gift at that too. What a beautiful call for each of us to sneak away in soul to the quiet. I’m continually longing as this is such a noisy world. Blessings sweet friend.

    • Kris Camealy

      Yes, Alene. A noisy worl in which I rattle my chains as much as the next soul. Quietness is not an easy lesson for me to learn, but such a valuable one. Bless you, my friend!

  • Yvonne Reynolds

    It is hard for us to carve out the time to be ‘quiet’ in our media driven world. I believe even John Piper said recently that it is hard for him to not check Twitter before sitting down to have Bible time.

    • Kris Camealy

      Yes, I listened to taht sermon by piper, and couldn’t agree more. The noise competes for our attnetion and our hearts–may we cling to Christ and listen more intently for His words. They are the words of eternal life.

  • Karrilee Aggett

    Amen! He loves to hear us talk… but some times He just calls us to come and just be with Him! Sometimes the conversation flows both ways – and sometimes – it’s just crawling up on Papa’s lap and cuddling awhile that really brings Quiet to our souls! (That kind of quiet feeds us… but it’s hard for those of us who seem to always have words!) 😉

  • StefanieYoungBrown

    What beautiful words, Kris!
    Looking for quiet today, the quietness of my mind so I can fully attend to Him.

  • Nancy Wike

    Such good reminders! God has been reminding me that He is always there, no matter what. He knows what I need, and He can provide it. And He always does – right on time. Never early. Never late. He is reminding me that He sees me. That He hears me. And that if I want to hear Him, I need to get quiet and LISTEN.

  • Jess @ Life in the White House

    Oh yea…I’ve been quiet in my space, just thinking, listening.

    Beautiful words.

  • Nikki

    Oh to hear Him…you know what a comfort that has been to me lately!

    I’m in awe of what God can do with your stolen moments, friend. Am praying you through this stretch and the next. Love you!

    • Nikki

      and p.s. I’m cherishing the verse you gave me today over at my place. #1000Gifts. I can’t thank you enough. but, thank you.

  • Barbie

    I had to stop at “hungry enough to follow” and pause. I pray that I am always hungry enough to follow the stillness that He offers. Have a beautiful weekend my friend.