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It’s been a busy week here. I haven’t had much time here at my desk, to write, to work through things with words like I like to do. But it’s Friday, and if you’ve got five minutes, then you can write and join with a whole community of writers who share your love of the craft. If you’re new here, the rules are simple: write, don’t edit, link your post here, and share the encouragement with others who are playing too. Lisa-Jo chooses the prompt and this week, it’s Race.


Life’s a blur some seasons. I (foolishly) imagined Fall would be a slower season.

Usually, watching nature tuck herself in for winter always feels like a slow sweep towards slumber.

Instead, the leaves turn quickly and within a week the trees are naked and the brilliant orange and red cloaking has browned and scattered down gutters and pooled at curb’s edges. The whooshing sound of fresh fallen leaves turns to a crunching sound as the leaves dry and turn to dust under our feet.

From dust we came–

Each cold morning it feels as if winter is rushing in–in a hurry to snuff out the preceding season of slow transitions.

I live this way too. Pushing myself onto the next thing even as one moment hasn’t had a chance to fully set in, to soak a bit.

We’re busy, and mostly that’s OK. All good things.

Sometimes though, when the night wraps around the house and the moon tilts her chin our way, the race of days stills–just for a few moments, I hear nothing as the the hum of the house is exchanged for the silence of slow sleep-breathing babies tucked warm in beds.

At the end of the day, peace wins the race. Rest conquers the busy.

Slipping into bed, I reach for L’Engle on my night stand and I read,

Hence we must constantly be in a state of revolution, or we die. But revolution does not mean that the earth flings away from the sun into structureless chaos. As I understand the beauty of the earth’s dance around the sun, so also do I understand the constant revolution of the community of the Son. A Circle of Quiet

I drift off, with the image of revolving around the Son in my mind.

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