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Raising Your Kids To Love The Lord {A Giveaway}

We parents joke a lot about the fact that children don’t come with a manual. The world throws endless numbers of “how to raise kids–” formulas at us from the time we find out we’re expecting until our children grow up and leave home. We’re hungry to know how to do this thing called parenting right. The crazy thing is, the longer you parent, the harder it sometimes feels.

The more we love these little people in our care, the harder it is to watch them find their own way in this world–it’s not as simple as 1,2,3; some things aren’t as black and white as we thought they were back when we were childless and thought we knew it all about this roller coaster of raising kids.

To further complicate things, we live surrounded by brokenness in a world that encourages behaviors and thoughts in direct affront to scripture. The deck appears to be stacked against us.

How can we raise kids to Love the Lord?

It’s simple. Sort of.

Dave Stone’s latest book, Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord (Faithful Families), offers practical, applicable insights into just how we can apply God’s word to our roles as parents. Stone reminds us that it’s not about following some formula, or filing in the variables to the equation. Parents leading by example is one key method to help lead your children into a lasting relationship with Christ.

Dave reminds us that we do in fact have a manual for raising children and that is the Holy, inspired word of God. Display the word in your home, let your children see you reading the word, memorize scripture as a family– the bible is a tool and a resource we can and should consult daily.

Every parent knows that their kids are always watching and listening, our actions shout louder than our words and kids recognize a fake when they see one. Raising your kids to Love the Lord becomes a little more likely, when you are living an authentic faith yourself.

Discipline is important, but consistency is equally if not more so. These are just a sampling of the encouragement you’ll find in this book.

I didn’t think much of this book when I first received it. I’ve read countless parenting books and some have been helpful, but many just repeat the same information. This little book however, (despite it’s compact size) holds many solid, useful nuggets, for parents who want to raise children to love the Lord.

Today, I’m thrilled to be giving one copy away.


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0 thoughts on “Raising Your Kids To Love The Lord {A Giveaway}

  1. Vanessa

    Saturate children with Scripture and help them learn to love God’s Word – reading their Bibles, memorizing verses; Help them get a glimpse of how much God loves them and wants them to love Him; Model for them a relationship with the Lord and demonstrate His love and grace

  2. Ah… parenting. In the middle of the mess… it is amazing how God uses it to reveal ours 🙂 I pray my kiddos do not remember just the un-sanctified parts of me 🙂 At least they will know how to ask forgiveness — something I have to ask of them on a regular basis. Thanking God for grace….

  3. Heather L

    We work on memorizing scripture & catechism, pray with them, read bible stories, and answer lots of surprisingly complicated questions for a 4 year old. We could use some additional ideas though!

  4. Sarah Bowers

    I am trying to be a model to my girls on how I want them to grow in the love of the Lord – reading my bible in front of them, praying when I get anxious or angry, giving my time and money to others, speaking kindly and talking about God and all he has done for us.


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