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Redemption Songs [Reflections on Lent]

Redemption Songs [Reflections on Lent]

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I’ve wrestled hard through Lent to find redemption. I’ve scratched and fought my way to the foot of the cross, bleeding all the way. It’s been 3 years since that memorable dip into His crucible. I find myself marking time by the transformation. B.C. Before Christ– 

Before Christ, I loved only myself.

Before Christ, I worshipped my dreams over the Giver of dreams.

Before Christ, sitting in silence led only to my own internal meandering of self.

Before Christ, I only did what suited me, what benefitted me.

Before Christ, I was a god unto myself.

redemption songs

It was Brennan Manning’s story that led me to Christ again. It was his ridiculous testimony of grace that challenged every shred of my flimsy theology, and thrust me to the very edge of myself. In the dark of my closet, with Manning’s words still ringing in my ears, Christ found me.

I expected a scolding. I wanted punishment and persecution for my failings.

Instead, I heard singing. The most beautiful, absurd song fell on me–a spring dew, a melody for life.

He will take great delight in you….

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