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Remember~ Five Minute Friday

I’m fighting a cold this week. My littlest has an ear infection and all this tells me that it’s fall, the season for these things. Our weather has been up and down and wet and sunny and I love the rollercoaser of this season. It’s been hard to dig in since getting back from Relevant. I have so many things swirling around in my head, so many ideas, so many new faces, a new vision of who God is… and today, I have only five minutes to write. I’m playing along with Lisa-Jo and others, this fun little release called Five Minute Fridays, that Lisa-Jo said she started sort of on a whim. She had no idea how it would take off. And I am thankful for it. I’m thankful for her voice that she uses to beautifully encourage mothers to wear their cape like a super-hero and embrace their journey as mom’s, as women, as daughters of the king…

Oh, how I can ramble.

Here’s a photo of me, Lisa-Jo and Hilary taken at Relevant. What a sweet blessing it was to meet these two beauties in the flesh. They both radiate Christ’s joy and grace. What a treasure.

Ok, on to my five minutes. The prompt this week is Remember. 


I get scared sometimes that the more I live  the less I will remember. So much information and so many new expirieinces, and thoughts crowd for priority up in my head. I don’t want tof forget the importanthings. I don’t want to forget what matters, what makes me sing and what makes me weep. I want to hold it all in and be able to touch it and smell it and feel it on a whim.

Like the feeling I have when I remember the brick floors and turquise cabinets of my Grandfathers Miami home. The smell of old books, the cat fur dusting the tables and couches…

I want to remember my babies as they are growing so fast, their little voices already changing, the way my seven year-old tells his stois and strokes my back. The wild way my five year old hugs me so tight I can barely breath, and he smiles so big and asks if that’s a good hug…

I want to remember these things, the way my daughter’s hair glints yellow in the sun, and the way my husband loves me with words and kindness and gifts…

All of these things swirl in my head and I think about it all, all of the time, in an effort to always remember, to never forget the way these people make me who I am. The gifts they give me daily, that change my heart and make me better, the way they help grow my faith, and strengthen my character. We move as a unit, me and this family, and I never want to forget that we need eachother, even on the days when we think otherwise, we do need eachother….



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  1. Lettie

    “I don’t want to forget what matters, what makes me sing and what makes me weep.” Yes… me too. It’s like a blue sky isn’t as pretty when it doesn’t have a few clouds in it. And, yes, “even on the days when we think otherwise, we do need each other…” Thanks for stopping by and for leading me here… 🙂

    1. Anonymous

      There’s gift in the storms as well as in the sun, I want to remember that always. Thank you for stopping by, and commenting. You are too kind. Bless you, friend.

  2. Anonymous

    beautifully written, Kris!  so many days, i too, worry about remembering.  remembering the important.  and remembering how we all weave throughout each other’s lives.  needing each other.  shaping each other within the family.
    you just expressed it so well.
    have a great weekend!

    1. Anonymous

      Thank you for saying this. I am humbled by your kind words. I always feel as if I am grasping for words in the dark on Friday mornings, trying to reign in thoughts before the sun comes up… it’s a challenge that I love!

  3. Hah! We’re the same way right now! I have a yucky cold and my son has an ear infection. Praying for quick recovery for you right now!

    And, as usual, a beautiful post. This touched my heart, too: “The wild way my five year old hugs me so tight I can barely breath, and he smiles so big and asks if that’s a good hug…” Love!

  4. I’m with you, Kris: From the cold, to the littlest with ear infection, to the relevant thoughts swirling around, to the remembering!  So thankful to have discovered your writing here & to have met you.  Thank you for this sweet reminder tonight, about the togetherness and the sweetness of it.  I needed to hear that.

  5.  have I told you lately how much I heart your words – because I really do. How you and your family move together – how they teach you things of God as you teach them things of God – and how you want to remember and lock-in the baby cries, and even the children squabbling, and their growing up – I think your babies are so lucky to have you. And thank you for flat Craig – that brought some smiles. God bless and keep you my friend.

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks for saying so, Craig. I always appreciate your encouragement. If you’d like me to mail “flat craig” to you, just email me your address, perhaps he’s up for one more adventure? 😉 it was fun to take him along. Relevant was such an experience, I hardly wanted to ‘tweet’ or check email or anything. I just wanted to be there, fully present. Just as I am here at home, always stretched and pulled every direction, learning to be here, fully present, so that I will make and keep these memories is an excercise I practice daily. I have so far to go… Blessings to you, kind friend. 


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