Results Of Rest

It’s been 2 months since I stepped away from writing regularly in this online space. 2 months–that went fast! It wasn’t that I didn’t have anymore stories to tell, or that the desire to write had faded, it had simply been that I had begun to fray at the edges. I needed to re-group and recuperate. I needed to listen and not talk so much. I’ve needed rest. And space to think. And quiet. Because it’s been a 2 months since I started my semi-sabbatical, I wanted to come back and share a tiny glimpse of the results of rest. result of rest I can say it’s been outrageously slow. It’s not that we’ve been doing nothing, our days have been busy, but we haven’t rushed like we were. We’ve eaten our meals slower, we’ve sat longer on the porch, we’ve made more art. One of the most beautiful results of rest has been the opportunity, the space to dream again–

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