Rumors of God~ A Book Review

“If I were going to live a life that was truly pleasing to God, my primary task would have to shift from doing things for God and living life with Him”. (Rumors of God, pg. 61)

I read Rumors of God, Expiriencing The Kind Of Faith You’ve Only Heard About because the title immediately captured my attention. Lately I have had a hunger for these kinds of books, books like David Platt’s Radical, and Francis Chan’s Crazy Love. These are all books that challenge the reader to get involved, to live their faith and not sit back as passive pew warmers, content to hear the word, but too complacent to really embrace and live their faith.

Jon and Darren vividly give story after story of people who went searching for God and found him in unexpected ways, and sometimes, when they weren’t even actively looking, He showed up. The stories and examples provided within these pages, of lives transformed by a living God are powerful and amazing. Jon and Darren make it plain that the rumors of God, the rumblings of his power and might are very much real. They assure us that God is still working miracles and bringing people into passionate relationship with Christ, each and every day.

This book is as much an education about who God really as, as it is a call to action. These two men rally the hearts of the reader to get up and live their faith. They are grabbing hands with strangers in their communities, and encouraging you to do the same, to stand up and believe that the glorious stories of what God is doing are just the tip of something much bigger, and that if we are willing, if we make ourselves available to God, if we truly serve him with our actions, and not merely with words, he will change our hearts forever. I would recommend this book to anyone who is searching, for anyone who wants to know if God is still moving in the same amazing ways we read about in the book of Acts. You will hopefully close this book feeling inspired and with a new perspective on what it is to live your faith.


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