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How To Build A Refuge In The Sabbath

How To Build A Refuge In The Sabbath

In Matthew Sleeth’s book, 24/6, he talks about building a refuge in the sabbath. Lately I’ve been wondering how I managed before I began actively embracing the sabbath. I work hard day after day, juggling kids, and schooling, writing, activities, mentoring meetings, cooking, cleaning, and other various, typical tasks. For years I did this 7 days a week with virtually no real rest. I never thought about what Dr. Matthew Sleeth calls,  “building a refuge in the sabbath”.  I knew there was work to be done, and so I kept on going, day after day, ignoring the commandment to honor the sabbath.

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Who has time to take an entire day off from their regular responsibilities? What about falling behind? If I rested, when would I catch up?

In my mind, it was simple–Sunday was the perfect “catch up” day.

It wasn’t until about a year ago, when I took a closer look at God’s words about resting, and sabbath, and recognized that however I tried to rationalize it, the reality was I’d been comfortable in my disobedience. Productivity was king and I thrived in the shadow of accomplishment, while carrying the scepter of busy.

How long will these people refuse to obey my commands and instructions? They must realize that Sabbath is the Lord’s gift to you.  Exodus 16:28-19

After Returning from Refine {the retreat}, I set up a space in my room specifically for creating art. At the retreat I realized how important true rest really is. Taking a retreat opened my eyes to the necessity of making real time to linger with God. In making time for rest, I invite God to renew me. Sabbath is an invitation to sit with God, to commune long, without rushing off to do–during sabbath we can simply be….

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