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The old hand-me-down table works overtime this winter, hosting a “painting party” about every 30 minutes. The youngest resident artist is 4 and watercolors are her medium de jour.

I’ve watched her transition from her Pollock phase to something more like a burgeoning Picasso or Durer. I love her art. When she paints, I see what she sees.

I see her enjoyment of color, the way she dots the nearly-dry watercolors all across the page, laying aside the brush for getting her small hands right in it.

Watching her joy during this act of creation, I see glimpses of God–how he surely must have enjoyed every moment of forming the plants, animals and Adam. I see Him knitting babies in the dark, weaving strands of DNA together, coded specifically for purpose.

She presents me with a horse, a rhino, a lion. Next comes a hedgehog followed by an apple tree. She paints a cartoon figure with oversized hands, but I’m honest with her when she asks if I like it–I tell her that her animals are my favorites. That’s where her natural talent shines.

Her giftedness is in the natural–when she imitates God without even realizing it.

I wonder, as I watch her paint, if I embrace my own creativity with the same fire she possesses. Do I lean into the gifts He’s already given me? Am I willing to pursue the specialized talents I have, over the desire to do something else?

I’ve been guilty of forsaking my talents for someone else’s. I’ve believed the grass is greener, I’ve scrambled to climb the fence.

Watching my baby paint it seems, is a lesson for me in embracing my own bent.

And I hear those words from Esther …And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this. (4:14)

She’s 4 so she does what comes naturally. She is yet uninhibited by the pressures of society. She is inspired to paint animals because that’s what she sees. These creatures fill her mind and so she must paint them.

What fills my own mind–what is it I see? I’m leaning in and looking–


Sharing these words with the other brave souls of the Five Minute Friday community.
Five Minute Friday


  1. Andrea Mitchell

    And this is why I love this age – they have so much to teach us. To be able to use the gifts He gives us just naturally and without thought – what a precious thing indeed.

  2. Karrilee Aggett

    Gorgeous freedom here my friend! I love that you are making Art – living Art – on a daily basis! We all are – but I love that you make room and space for it and are aware of it! And this: “Her giftedness is in the natural–when she imitates God without even realizing it.” This will stick with me today as I ask the question that follows… how am I imitating Him without even realizing it? Or – as He asked me earlier this week – what am I doing well? LOVE love love!

    1. What great questions, Karrilee–what are you doing well? I love when God challenges us and asks us to take an honest look inside ourselves. It is a great gift. Thank you for reading today, your comment is generous and kind–YOU are generous and kind.


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