See You At Allume

See You At Allume

Allume friendsIn the last several years, I have been learning the value and beauty of allowing God to orchestrate my calendar. Last year, while I wanted to attend the Allume conference, I felt absolutely compelled to attend instead The High Calling retreat, and following that *feeling* led to several divine appointments that once I was there,  I knew God had planned all along.

This isn’t the first example of this happening for me. God has been prompting me for years, regarding my schedule–it’s just that I haven’t always listened to Him.

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I can be such a slow learner.

This year, as I prayed about the Allume Conference, I knew the Lord was saying “yes” to it for me this year, and honestly, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be going back. It’s been 2 long years since I have been around those whom I affectionately dub, “my people”, and I am eager to hug some familiar necks and enjoy the physical fellowship of my (mostly) online friends.

If you haven’t been to Allume before, I want to encourage you to pray about attending. Ask God if Allume is on your calendar this year.

I’m sharing 6 tips for attending Allume  over at GraceTable this week.

Read the rest HERE.

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