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She’s Got Issues

I’m turning myself inside out some days trying to live this one life well. In the process of becoming, God twists this old heart and wrings out the muck and sometimes I say to myself, “you’ve got issues, girlfriend.”

I mean really, haven’t we all?

Our insecurities and the trap of comparison, perhaps our silent anger and desperate need for control knock us all out of shape daily–hourly–minute by minute as life comes at us fast and relentless.

How can we get past this, I wonder. How can I learn to let it go–once and for all?

I can give you the Sunday school answer, that is, trust in Jesus. And that’s the true answer, but when you’ve got trust issues and you’ve spent your life compensating by controlling whatever you can get your hands on, at some point you realize, you’ve got issues. You know from experience, you can’t do it on your own–so how then?

You have to lay it down and let Christ do the heavy lifting. He’s strong enough and powerful enough to transform even the most desperate of women.

Does this sound like you? Nicole Unice has a book for you–and a DVD. I recently spent some time watching and reading through Unice’s latest group study curriculum entitled, She’s Got Issues: With Seriously Good News for Stressed-Out, Secretly Scared Control Freaks Like Us: A DVD Group Experience and it’s good, friends, really good.

The journaling exercises and discussion questions provide an excellent springboard for jump starting the thought process as you beginning to seek Christ’s healing and hope for overcoming your issues.

The women featured to share their stories are real and accessible.
Nicole leads the women on an inspiring journey through scripture  and other life stories to help them examine their issues and discover how victory is possible through Christ.

If you struggle with:

  • fear
  • insecurity
  • control
  • anger
  • unforgiveness
  • surrender

(as well as a few other issues) then there something here for you to grow from.

I received this DVD curriculum for free for the purpose of my review. The opinions expressed here are fully my own.
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  1. Kris, you are a gifted writer and you’ve made a beautiful space here with your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your words and heart, and speaking the truth of the message of She’s Got Issues. The book is in a giveaway bag at Allume, and I wrote a little note inside for all the bloggers. 🙂 I hope you give the copy away to someone whom you know could use it. Have a fabulous time…it sounds like an incredible place based on your last post! (And yes, I always stress about my boots & jewelry when I go to a conference, when what really happens there is just so much bigger than that. God is so good)


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