Waiting For A Spark

Waiting For A Spark

It rained for 4 straight days. Then, the sun showed it’s face, and hung around to warm our backs. We spent the last 2 weeks pitching our tent in hotels and family homes. Most moments were entirely ordinary. We moved slowly, talking long and doing little. Intentionally.

I remember that I don’t move slow enough.

I don’t sit intentionally, except on Sundays.

I didn’t write a word the entire 2 weeks I was gone.

Now, as I fumble the keys, I find my fingers stiff and my tongue thick with words wedged in sideways. I’m listening to God–He’s telling me a story.

It’s not easy listening to Him. Not easy in the way that I think it ought to be, if I were a “good” Christian. Should it be easy?

seeking a spark

I’m asking Him for a spark.

This space will be relatively quiet, I imagine. (It seems I’m not always a good listener, when I’m busy talking myself).

I hear Him–He’s always louder in the dark.

I feel the flickering flame.

I feel His warmth.

I’m leaning in–


Counting beyond 1000 Gifts:

beautiful weeds

kids playing in the pool

sunshine after long days of rain

friends and unexpected encouragement

groceries in the fridge

difficult seasons of growth




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