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A Special Announcement, An Invitation And A Giveaway

A Special Announcement, An Invitation And A Giveaway

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…in order to grow, we must say yes to God—yes to admitting our weakness, and yes to confessing that we need His strength. The refining process becomes significantly more effective when we stop making excuses to God and start saying yes to Him instead. The truth we have to embrace as God continually refines us is that we are all, in fact, unqualified—that’s precisely the point. We need Christ to wash us of our unrighteousness. We need the hard cleansing of the fullers’ soap—and we can’t come clean if we are not honest about how dirty we really are. ~Holey Wholly, Holy: A Lenten Journey Of Refinement Companion Workbook

An Announcement

Holey Wholly Holy Companion Workbook

I’m learning to bend, when it comes to God’s requests. Last year, when I published Holey Wholly Holy, it came from such an honest place. I continue to refer to it as the book I never wanted to write. I don’t mean that in the sense that I don’t find the work worthy, but simply that it wasn’t the book I set out to write. It wasn’t the dream I’d been clinging to, white-knuckled and desperate. The book instead, came from the deep pit of a spiritual wrestling that took me by complete surprise. It is a piece of my story–and yours. Our faith journey includes all of those versions of the words, holey, wholly, holy, it just looks different for each of us.

I wrote the work as a stand alone project. It was simply an act of obedience, not intended as a product or plank in a platform. I sold it only out of stewardship of the work and the selling of that book provided the downpayment for Refine {the retreat} to the dollar…

God is funny like that–His ways are not our ways.

Last April, when the questions filled my inbox, would there be a study guide, a retreat, a book study, I shrugged and bent again before the Lord.

It seemed there would be.

This, a somewhat unwelcome opportunity, as I was still wading through Lent and the release of the first book. [pullquote position=”right”]I’ve learned that saying yes to God is better than my own agenda.[/pullquote] For the last 7 months, I’ve been continually saying yes to my Abba. Through my weak willingness, He has birthed both a retreat and a Workbook.


Oh God, you make me laugh. 

3D Workbook Cover small

So today I have an announcement, I’m releasing this Workbook into the world. (Hold me!)

Last year, God took Holey, Wholly, Holy to over 1200 people around the globe. For FREE. I gave it away to my subscribers and at least three churches used it with their congregations.

To God be the glory.

The workbook is not a rehashing of the first book. Instead, the Workbook shifts the focus from story to scripture. Taking the concepts discussed in Holey, Wholly, Holy, the workbook digs deeper into the Word of God to examine our hearts against the texts. It asks the questions:  what does this scripture tell us about God, about ourselves, and how then do we live?

Caution: Should you complete the companion workbook for Holey, Wholly, Holy, expect to find yourself less distracted, more intentional, and continuously refined. If you want to stay tethered to easy living, steer clear from this book. ~Amy Sullivan

Easy living. Hmm. There’s no such thing when you embrace the Gospel. Not in the sense that we imagine. The easy living we find through repentance and confession comes as an inexplicable peace–a joy that runs soul-deep even when we’re sitting in the ashes.

This workbook digs into scriptural passages that are transforming, causing us to reflect deeply on our own desires and intentions, and guides us to allow the Holy Spirit to change us from the inside out. Kris’ commentary and questions highlight the passages in searching and powerful ways. If you come to this study (alongside the book) with an open heart and spirit, it will be a wonderful addition to your spiritual journey, during Lent, or any other time of the year. ~Christine Hiester.

Holey, Wholly, Holy: A Lenten Journey of Refinement Companion Workbook represents a deeper work God is doing in my life, and invites you to allow Him to do a deeper work in yours.

Although it’s a workbook, created to help you dig deeper into the truths in the book “Holey, Wholly, Holy”, this book stands on its own feet, with original content and thought provoking questions. As much an encore as a workbook. Get ready to be changed. ~Trina Holden

Say yes, friends. [pullquote]Our life is only lived for Christ when we surrender it unto Him. [/pullquote]

An Invitation

If you’d like some company on the journey, some friends have gathered in a Facebook group to go through the first book together. If you’ve read the first book already, I’d love for you to join us and offer your insight to those coming along for the first time. If you haven’t yet read it, this is definitely a great opportunity. I will be hanging out there, maybe even doing a google hangout or two along the way. 😉 We will be getting into both books, and watching expectantly as God moves in us.

Join the online book club HERE (Begins March 5th through the end of Lent)

Buy Holey Wholly Holy: A Lenten Journey of Refinement Companion Workbook  (2014)

Buy Holey Wholly, Holy: A Lenten Journey of Refinement (2013)

If your Church or book club would like to do the study as a group, contact me for bulk purchasing. 

A Lenten Fast

I could not have written this workbook without the bible. This may sound obvious, but the gravity of this sunk in as I read and re-read the scriptures. The thing is, I have access to God’s word everywhere I go. I carry the Word with me on my phone, in my purse, in my car and have at least 8 bibles in my home. Not all are so fortunate. Because of this, I have put together an opportunity for us to help get the Word of God into the hands of our brothers and sisters in Africa. I’ve created a “Lenten Fast” Campaign to help raise $500 for bible translation for the KAMUKUIO CLUSTER–a region consisting of 6 distinct ethnic groups who do not yet have access to God’s word in their native languages.  You can give directly to the campaign AND I will also be using a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the workbook to make a donation at the end of Lent. For every Workbook sold, I will donate 10% of the purchase to this campaign. Ya’ll, we can fund this in 40 days.  

Lent Campaign


I’m giving away 3 PDF bundles of Holey, Wholly, Holy: A Lenten Journey of Refinement Companion Workbook  AND Holey, Wholly, Holy: A Lenten Journey of refinement.

To enter, simply leave a comment below. Tell me about your experiences with Lent. I will choose 3 winners at random on Friday.

For those still wanting to attend Refine {the retreat}, it’s sold out on Eventbrite, but we’re making room for a couple more, sharing beds and holding the door for you. If you want to go, Email me by March 5th and we will try to work something out. 

Can I ask you one small favor, will you share this post with your communities? I know there are others out there who will benefit from taking this journey with us. Just click your favorite share method at the bottom of this post. ((Thank you))



  1. robyn

    A few years ago I didn’t really celebrate/honor the Lenten season, but when we moved into a predominantly Catholic area, I needed to research why my new friends and neighbors were doing what they were. As a Christian from the western US, I hadn’t known about the rich traditions, or how they could draw me to intimacy with Him like they did, but now, I’m loving lent more each year, and the beauty that comes from ashes, the satisfaction that comes in sacrifice, the reverence found in reflection and waiting. Excited to read your book, Kris. 🙂

  2. A labor of love here, Kris… I grow up with lent as a part of a yearly ritual…it came and went …I gave up candy as a kid… it meant nothing to me…I came to a real relationship with the Lord at 21… and I left all that was attached to my religious experience…lent being one of the many aspects I left behind…but as age and hopefully growing in Christ… I have come to appreciate many of the deep aspect of my Catholic roots…and last year I jumped in deep into Lent…I read the Bible through in 40 days along with Margaret Freinberg and others. It was an amazing 40 days. This year I am reading the New Testament in 40 days. I will see what else the Lord has for me…maybe joining along here as well…blessing on this new part of your journey.

    1. I saw that Shelly Miller is leading a group along with Margaret through the 40 Days of the New Testament this Lent. That will be a glorious and profound journey, I have no doubt! I will be watching along, and working through the things God has called me to this season. Thank you always for your support, Ro. You bless, friend! ((hugs))

  3. Betty

    As a Protestant, my denomination puts very little emphasis on Lent. Personally I am challenged and enticed by it. The little I understand calls me to go deeper, to know Him and myself better. I am determined to make this Lenten season one of transformationand joy.

  4. Kristin_theschellcafe

    Lent is a journey for me that began in the 7th grade at Catholic school. As a non catholic I was confuzzled by the practice, but gave up chocolate or perhaps Gilligan’s Island re-runs. It wasn’t until much later in life that the Lord taught me the rhythm of the liturgical year that my soul now craves. The seasons of feasting and fasting not for mortal pleasure or self-sacrifice, but for communion in His presence.

    I was so blessed by Holey, Wholly, Holy last year, Kris. I can’t wait to have the workbook this year. Thank you for your obedience and for stepping out to write what the Lord gave you. xo, Kristin

    1. Kristin, I love the way you put that, “the rhythm of the liturgical year” because that’s what it is, isn’t it? A soul hunger to walk through the seasons with intention, embracing the stages of faith as God leads… so glad you will be on the journey with me! Much love to you!!!

    1. Sarah. SARAH. There is NO WAY i could have gotten through this without YOU. You are a gift beyond measure. A blessing straight from God. Thank you for holding my hand, holding my words, and helping to shape and reshape the message. I love you forever and ever, amen.

  5. Dia

    Kris, I am so happy for you, and will be excited to dig deeply in this newest book! My faith experience has not included the practice of Lent, but was aware of it growing up. I often saw the “sacrifices” of my acquaintances as rather shallow (candy or soda, or TV….)”for REAL???” I would think, and never took another look at it until recently. I appreciate the idea of a focused time of “refinement” as you put it, as I need the catalyst of Christ to burn away the dross of neglect that has accumulated in some areas of my life. As I am currently living overseas on a limited budget, the PDF would be absolutely a GOD-send, but if I cannot get one, will make plans to order the paperback soon! -though not in time for Lent this year 🙁

  6. Vickie

    What an amazing journey you have been on and so thankful you have been obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit. It is interesting the timing for this. When I read your book
    when it came out, it moved me and I passed it on to our worship pastor. Today I am preparing to lead a small team to Kenya to work in the field of addiction recovery. This workbook would be an asset to keep us focused on the Lord especially as we will be there during the Lenten season.

  7. I grew up Catholic and always thought Lent was about giving up some “thing” or doing some “thing” that would somehow make me more worthy of the gift He gave. I’m still learning that there’s nothing I can do to earn that grace and now I want to teach my kids that so they always know that Easter’s true gift is His grace that is more than sufficient and more than enough.

    1. Laura, thankfully, Lent is not a goal to achieve, but a gift to endure. You cannot fail when you lean into Christ. Praying your Lenten season this year brings you ever closer to His heart, and that you’d know deeply, how absolutely treasured you are.

  8. Lynn

    I have only recently started trying to observe Lent. I’m on my own mostly, so it is hard, but I have found it very helpful to focus on what Jesus did for me during this time of the year. It would be great to win this bundle.

  9. Leah Stanley Loy

    Lent is so new to me. I read about people doing things for it last year but have never celebrated it. I am interested in reading your book and am planning on joining the FB group to learn more. Thanks for the opportunity to win!! I will wait to buy them until Saturday, just in case I win 🙂

  10. I think I got your book last year mid-Lent, and can’t wait to read it again this year!! It is also fairly new for me as it was not something our former church talked about much, but I am looking forward to learning more. Congrats on the workbook, and the upcoming retreat!! You’re going to rock it! There will be sequins involved too, right? 😉

  11. I just found out about your blog and your book from a friend on Facebook, and I’m totally humbled by the story of how it came together and also totally want to read it while being slightly scared of what that requires. Oh my goodness, I love Him so much so I’m a little horrified to admit that. God’s doing a HUGE work of transformation in me as we speak, and I’m so grateful for it while being so aware that there’s still a long way to go.

  12. Julie Reynolds

    WE are all so excited to be doing your book/workbook for Lent, even some of the hubbies are joining their wives this time!! We serve such a BIG BIG GOD, so thankful you trusted Him and walked this walk of obedience. Love you friend!

  13. mclanek

    I’ve come to appreciate the practice of observing Lent as an adult. I’d consider myself a newbie having only come to understand what Lent was in the last few years.

  14. Tammy Keefer

    Often Lent is viewed as something other people do. You have encouraged me to not let it pass me by. I’m ready to take the next step in a deeper relationship with God.

  15. Amy Krance-Wendt

    I actually look forward to Lent as a way to challenge myself and grow closer to the Lord. I work to increase prayer and devotion time, look for ways to reach out to others.


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