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Stitch Fix, A Story And A New Book For You

Two things before you read this post: first, I don’t normally write about clothing, but the love of fashion is actually a pretty significant part of my personal story, so if this post catches you off guard, bare with me. Second, the images of me in this post are poor quality. I’m sorry. It is almost impossible to take decent photos of yourself in a dirty mirror. Forgive my laziness for not dragging out the REAL camera and tripod. I hope we can still be friends.

Stitch Fix
These goodies were all in my latest Stitch Fix box. You get 5 items in each fix. (not pictured are the black leggings that were also in this shipment)

In high School, the inside of my closet was wallpapered with pages torn from between the covers of Mademoiselle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle and Glamour Magazines. When I met the boy who would become my husband, I was taking a fashion merchandising class. New York was in my sights. I wanted to go to Parsons’s School For Design.

However, this was not to be. I never even applied to Parsons and I’ve only briefly driven into New York–to a junk yard–to collect a used transmission off of a decaying BMW.


Rather than a design degree, I hold a B.A. in Humanities, with a special focus in literature, religion and anthropology.

*Yawn* I almost fell asleep typing that.

I’m kidding, a little–I loved the research and discussion that I enjoyed while earning my degree. But let’s be honest, it doesn’t sound as exciting as Fashion Designer.

The point is, while I loved (LOVE) fashion, God had other plans for me, and in a wild twist of providence, I followed His leading to a small, private, fundamental Christian college where young women wore all variety of figure-hiding jumper dresses, hitting tragically at mid-calf. Nothing above the knee was permitted and my neon-blue fish-net stockings nearly served as my expulsion from said school. Oh the irony.

For one very long semester I attended a school where caring about fashion was considered a grievous sin, and strict boundary lines were drawn regarding appropriate attire. (A bit of this story will be published in the forthcoming book, Soul Bare yet to be titled, from Civitas Press–stay tuned).

Fast forward many years, and a handful of children, a new-fangled body thanks to growing and nursing these four little people, and my love of words overtook my love of fashion. Clothes shopping became a whole new level of challenging as my own body has been a great number of sizes over the last 13 years. I knew a long time ago, fashion would not be my industry. I’m at peace with that. But, I am still me, and I still love clothes. A lot.

However, clothes shopping with 4 kids in tow? Not so much. I recall the day my middle son (he was 2 at the time) looked at me in the dressing room  and said, “Mommy, your legs are BIG“. Have mercy.

A New Way to shop

Meet Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is like having a personal shopper, and delivery service all rolled into one. It’s so ridiculously easy (and fun) to use. And you can try clothes on in the privacy of your own home. Behind locked doors. Away from your kids critical brutally honest observations. Hallelujah.

Stitch Fix

Ugly sweater
My initial reaction to this sweater was “no way”. But being a good sport, I tried it on anyway. Hippy girls such as myself, should abstain from wearing horizontal stripes that fall right at hip-level. Also–when I stretched my arms out, I had bat-wings in this thing. Needless to say, it went back.

Here’s how simple it is to try Stitch Fix out:

  • Create an account
  • Complete your style profile (be honest, this is really important)
  • Schedule your fix
  • Wait for your fix to arrive
  • Try everything on–you’ll get 5 items (even the things you may think are not right for you)
  • Pick what you want to keep
  • Complete your order online
  • Send back the items you don’t want ( They provide the bag and FREE return shipping!)
Surprise dress
I was super-excited to receive a dress in my fix. I can’t tell you how much I adore dresses. And this one, well, it was a complete surprise. I am certain had I seen it in a store, I’d have walked right past it. This is the item I kept from this fix. WOOHOO!

I’ve tried Stitch Fix twice now and have been very happy with the quality and variety of items received. After my first fix, I went back into my style profile to tweak it a bit, and my second fix was even better than my first. Another bonus, you can schedule a fix whenever you want–no long term commitments of contracts! (Please read the FAQ section on their site so that you fully understand how the process works)

Stitch Fix Score

Wait a minute…One More Resource

Embracing Beauty

Now, real quick, before you go fill out that style profile, my friend, Trina Holden, has just released a book, Embracing Beauty, which deals specifically with the challenges of dressing the ever changing figure of women in their child-bearing years. Trina speaks truth and grace to women of all shapes and sizes. Whatever season you’re in, Trina offers helpful and encouraging insight into embracing your personal style, and all to the glory of God. Her humor and candor make this book an enjoyable, must-read for all women. PS: After reading this book I went straight to the thrift store in search of a good tunic. Sadly, I struck out. What on earth am I talking about? Read the book.

And an added bonus, Lisa-Jo wrote the forward. I know, right? Amazing.

I read Trina’s book in one evening and really truly loved it.


 *This post contains affiliate links. I received a free copy of this book for the purpose of my review. I loved it.  



  1. Oh, Kris. I adored this post and getting a glimpse into another side of you. I hid or neglected my love of fashion for a while too! It’s so fun to be embracing beauty along with you!
    OK, that dress IS adorable, and this stitch fix is sounding very intriguing. Like it would work really well for SAHM’s who have trouble getting out to shop! My one question is–how expensive are the items?

    1. Trina, your book really is wonderful, and I am praying many will read it and be inspired. As far as Stitch Fix goes, items range anywhere from $28 and up. For example, the leggings in my last Fix were priced at $28 as were the earings they sent. The sweater was in the $40’s I believe and the dress (of course, the thing I loved most) was the priciest thing in the box. To be honest, had I not had a credit, I would have sent the dress back and kept the much cheaper earings or leggings (both of which I did like!) When you fill out your profile, you can select that you’d like things to be as cheap as possible (I forget the actual wording) and once you get a Fix, when you go back in to say why you are returning specific items, you can mention that they were priced too high. My assumption is, that after a few fix’s , you will likely receive more items within your price range. I hope that helps… Bottom line, there is usually something you can afford in your box to keep from losing your deposit. I really think everyone should try it once. I know I will continue to use it from time to time. 😉

  2. Awesome, Kris! Last week, I found out what Stitch Fix is. I’m totally intrigued! Yes, my question is the same as Trina’s :: how expensive are the items? I love fashion & jewelry too, and the convenience and fun of opening a surprise package must be delightful! (I recently read about a makeup & jewelry place just like this, called Wantable!) I’m just afraid that it would be like how I was when working in management at a women’s clothing store…I spent at *least* half of my paycheck each week on things from the store! I may not be able to give back the stuff…lol…

    1. Kristen, I hear you, I could not afford to order a fix monthly, I would spend far more than anyone justifiably should on clothes, but once in a while, I think it’s manageable. Items range from mid $20’s on up. Obviously, in the mid $20’s range, you’re going to be looking at your smaller pieces, like jewelry. But, I will add that the quality of what I have purchased is outstanding. The clothes are not some cheaply made junk that you might find elsewhere. I was actually quite surprised by this, pleasantly so! I dont mind investing in something classic that will last.

  3. Amanda Pausley

    I feel like a big ol’ frumpo so often after my two babies. It’s hard to choose clothes for myself when my kids always seem to need something, and we are a small budget fam. Going to look into this! Thanks!


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