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August 17, 2012

It’s Friday, and if you’re new here, welcome to Five Minute Fridays. Lisa-Jo hosts this beautiful link up and chooses the prompt. The rules are simple. Write. Don’t edit. Publish. Encourage. Join us?

Today’s prompt is Stretch. Go. It started when she emailed asking for a guest post and mentioned my photography as part of the post. And then within that same week, she sends me a bold message telling me in essence to own what I do, when I play with my camera–to remove that word, “wannabe”.

These nudges out of nowhere stretch me in a way I wasn’t thinking about–hadn’t even considered, really.

I feel safe saying I’m not alone in finding it difficult to wear some labels honestly.

Because I feel so much like an impostor most of the time.

But I agree with the idea that if you do something, then it’s ok to say that you are that thing. I teach, I’m a teacher. I raise children, I’m a mom.

We don’t seem to wrestle with the obvious ones, the ones that people can’t wager an opinion on. I drive, I’m a driver. I read, I’m a reader–but with art it’s different.

We’re waiting for that qualifier. And what if it doesn’t come in the form we’re hoping for–what then? Are we no longer truthful in calling ourselves a writer, a painter, a photographer, a poet? I hope not.

What if God calls us to an art purely for His pleasure, and not for the stamp of approval of the world–will we own it?

Will we stretch to wear that robe that feels awkward and stolen?

I’ve said that calling myself a writer, or a photographer, even though I do both of those things, feels a bit like wearing a dress I can’t afford while pretending I can. I love the way it looks, I want to wear it well, but I don’t always feel worthy of it, and I feel like others might see me in it and frown at my foolish dress-up game.

I tell you what–if you get this– if you feel this way too, wear it any way.

King Jesus picked it out for you and you can’t afford it, but He can and it’s all yours. So own it. Glorify Him in it and when someone asks you where you got it, point them in the direction of the kingdom.

He’s got one with their name on it too. 

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive and inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Colossians 3:23-24


Joining Lisa-Jo and fabulous others for a five minute write. Join us?

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  • Nikki

    Somehow, your permission makes it easier for me. Thank you for this, Kris. For reminding me that He’s paid the cost. I should wear it proudly. Especially the accessories He’s hand picked just for me.

    What a fabulous write, friend! So proud of you…

    • Kris Camealy

      Nikki, thank YOU for your encouragement. God has so of reused your words to encourage and minister to me in this journey. I am so grateful for your friendship.

  • Laura @ Pruning Princesses

    For those who love Five Minute Fridays, you are stretching us. Daring us to call ourselves writer as we hesitate over such a word. Thank you for the encouragement. I am almost there.

    • Kris Camealy

      Laura, you are a writer, and it looks beautiful on you. 😉 The glory is His as you shine for Him in this place.

  • soulstops

    oh, my…how your words touch my heart deeply…you are definitely a writer and your photography looks fab for this post…all is a gift from God, and ultimately for God…all is grace…Thanks, Kris!


    • Kris Camealy

      Dolly, you bless me with your encouragement! Thank you for your sweet words and your contagious joy in Him. It’s so wonderful to share the gift with you, for Him! 😉

  • Wendy

    What if God calls us to an art purely for His pleasure, and not for the stamp of approval of the world–will we own it? love this. so grateful for your words of encouragement today friend. thanks so much for sharing. blessings.

    • Kris Camealy

      Wendy~ So happy you were encouraged, that is grace to me, by His strength, for His glory!!

  • HopeUnbroken

    Beautiful words, Kris. “Will we stretch to wear that robe. . . .” Yes. That’s my answer today and you are my witness :-)
    Love your expression of art here, and you should absolutely own it!!! It is beautiful, an expression of the beauty within you.Have a blessed weekend!Steph

    • Kris Camealy

      Steph- owning it today with you, so thankful for yoy, my friend.

  • Christine- Fruit in Season

    I seriously just got chills. I’m going to link to this today as I post links, and a teaser for my new feature on art and creativity. Love this! And you ARE an artist- with words, with photos- creating as the Creator called you. xoxo

    • Kris Camealy

      Thank you, Christine, God is teaching me so much- what a wild place it is to find ourselves under His blessing, He is the giver of ALL good gifts, of which YOU have so very many… so blessed by your friendship.

  • Heather Noren Leonard

    Oh wow. This is exactly how I feel. “I love the way it looks, I want to wear it well, but I don’t always feel worthy of it, and I feel like others might see me in it and frown at my foolish dress-up game.” Thanks for the encouragement to do it anyway.

    • Kris Camealy

      Oh yes, Heather, do it anyway! 😉 Praying strength and fearlessness for you today!

  • Sarah

    Don’t ever stop wearing this writing thing. Or the photography thing. It’s too good. Loved this. Glad you stayed up late for it 😉

    • Kris Camealy

      Thank you, Sarah. So thankful for your constant encouragement.

  • Shelly Miller

    Amen to all of this Kris. I’ve had this same thing happen to me and it does feel the way you describe. Let’s own it together and give Him all the glory friend.

    • Kris Camealy

      Yes, Shelly! Yes! Love to you, my friend!!

  • Jana |

    YES. Run with the talents He’s given you, my dear friend. That ball gown is perfect on you. A perfect fit, just as He planned. Love you so! XOXO

    • Kris Camealy

      You, Jana are such an inspiration. Your encouragement knocks me flat with gratitude, and I am so deeply humbled by your kindness. Love to you, (and bacon sandwhiches at #allume. 😉 )

  • RachelE.

    I really like the “King Jesus picked it out for me” part. We all have that special dress we don’t feel we have a right to wear.

    • Kris Camealy

      Wear it, Rachel! It’s yours! 😉

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  • Nancy

    This was great! Thanks so much for the encouragement. He has given me talents and abilities and desires, and I don’t need to feel unworthy of what He has given.

    • Kris Camealy

      You are worthy, Nancy. He covers us and makes us so. Bless you, my friend.

  • Tracey Padgett

    Oh Kris! I don’t even know what to say. I’m sitting here fighting back tears, feeling a flood of emotions. God just used you to let me know that He understands what I’m feeling.
    Your words have been such a blessing to me today. Thank you so much for sharing your heart.
    I’ve been praying for clear direction and this post is the first answer to that prayer.

    • Kris Camealy

      Tracey- isn’t it such a gift when He answers our prayers so generously?! I am humbled by your words and so thankful that these words encouraged you!! Bless you, my friend!

  • Elizabeth Marshall

    Kris, girl, you bless my socks off! Amen again and again and again. My heart is overflowing with gratitude for encouragement from Him by way of His servant, you.

  • Elizabeth Marshall

    Kris, you bless my socks off, girl. Amen and amen. So grateful for His encouragement by way of His servant, you. My heart overflows with your words of go for it, its from Him. You speak it with such tender conviction.

    • Kris Camealy

      Elizabeth, these words just burst forth when I sat to write this post. I am so thankful for how He encouraged me and that others find encouragement in this as well. Thank you for being such a joyful friend, you bless me!

  • Ro elliott

    Oh yes dear sister…to be dressed in His robes of Righteousness…each one fitted for His children…I often think if we could see with more heavenly eyes…each person with their very own robe on…what beauty and splendor we would see….yours looks lovely on you…wear it proudly~

    • Kris Camealy

      Oh yes Ro, to see with heavenly eyes…. Every now and then He is kind enough to give us a glimpse. The view is always humbling and convicting. Your encouragement means so much.

  • Mary Beth

    I’m putting my fancy writer dress on. We can take a picture together in our fancy dresses. May we will even give autographs. 😉 Thanks for this encouragement!

    • Kris Camealy

      Your writer dress is fabulous 😉

  • Anna Grace Stroven

    I find my self saying, “I’m a wannabe writer,” or “I’m a wannabe piano player.” Thanks for the encouragement to just say what I do. I’m a writer. I’m a piano player.

    • Kris Camealy

      Yes! You are, By His gifting, you are! Bless

  • Ms. Kathleen

    Very inspiring words… ! So enjoyed this. Have a great day!

    • Kris Camealy

      Ms. Kathleen~ so glad you stopped by! Enjoy your weekend!

  • Amy Hunt

    AMEN! Love. This. Wholeheartedly!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kris Camealy

      Thank you, Amy. You know you bless me!!

  • Michele Wilbert

    Thanks for this encouragement!! I’m going to put my dress on!

    • Kris Camealy

      Ooh wonderful! Give us a twirl, would you? 😉 beautiful!!

  • Charissa my thoughts. i think about this very same thing alot lately…thank you so much for the encouragement today. lovely post girl! found you on FMF today :)

    • Kris Camealy

      Thanks for stopping by, I’m so glad
      You did!

  • Pam

    I remember a time about 15 years ago when I started as a writer in my new position at work. At my desk they had hung a handpainted sign… New Writer. I remember how I felt suddenly…wow, I AM a writer! Yet… I’d already had one article published. And still, sometimes, I keep trying to “prove” it to myself. I love your analogy about the dress…

    Why is this an ongoing revelation? Because what you write is so true… we worry what others think or if they agree. We listen to the lies of our accuser. Thanks for this encouraging word! One to keep reminding ourselves of… . :) And yes, you are a beautiful writer!! – Pam

    • Kris Camealy

      Love this story, Pam. Thank you for sharing your encouragement with me!! What a blessing you are!

  • Amy L. Sullivan

    It’s not that I don’t want to talk about this post (because I do and you aren’t wearing a dress you can’t afford…it’s yours, baby).

    Anyway, what I need to say is I love your new pic. Yep, I do.

    • Kris Camealy

      Amy, you maker laugh. Thank you, sweet friend. On both counts. Love your spunky spirit and beautiful heart!

  • Sherrey Meyer

    Friend Nikki encouraged reading your post today, so I hopped on over. I’m wowed by your ability to help me feel that permission has been granted for so many things in my life I’ve always been hesitant to own about myself. Thanks for providing such an awesome and relevant definition of “ownership.” Glory be to Him for gifting us with inspiration.

    • Kris Camealy

      Sherrey, oh sweet Nikki. I just love her! And you, how you have blessed me with your words here. Thank you for stopping by, and I am so thankful you were encouraged! That’s His grace!!

  • Nicole Marie

    Oh Kris, this spoke to my heart in so many ways. Permission to be who God created me to be, the passions He has put in my heart.

    • Kris Camealy

      Beautiful, Nicole!! So thankful!

  • Barbie

    I want to put that dress on, to finally say who it is He created me to be, without cringing. Beautiful Kris, just beautiful.

    • Kris Camealy

      Oh yes Barbie!! Wear it with joy for how He has made you!! Fearfully, wonderfully!! 😉

  • Denise Oldham

    This is awesome, bless you.

    • Kris Camealy

      Thanks, Denise!!

  • Loni

    Oh yes. . . to be dressed completely for HIM! Just precious encouragement here!

    • Kris Camealy

      Thank you, Loni 😉

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  • Stacy Averette

    Perfect timing. Thank you.