On Borrowing Bravery

The first year I started blogging, I did a series on fear. A lot has changed in the years since writing that series, and I no longer battle the same fears that used to plague me. God has taught me a lot about what bravery looks like, and blessed me with numerous friends over the…

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When You’re Convinced There’s No Time

“Hurry up!” I urge. I’m going a thousand miles an hour and still I cannot get it all done. School’s in session, we’re swinging hard and fast from the rafters already–it’s only September. It’s already September. I realize at lunch time I haven’t had a drop to drink since my morning coffee. I’m thirsty for…

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Five Minute Friday

Joining my friends and Lisa-Jo this morning for Five Minute Friday. If you’re new here (welcome!) the rules are simple: Write, don’t edit, link your post to her page, and then share the encouragement like wildfire. You can do that, I know you can. The prompt this week is, Afraid. Go. It’s been a fight…

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