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 A commenter last week on my blog asked me if I had blogged my Lenten experience yet. The truth is, the lessons are still unraveling and the words have been knotted tight in a tangled ball, ideas looped too tightly together to break free–to make any sense. Today, little by little, it begins to unravel.…

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This week has been fraught with challenges. I ‘ve whipped through the days, spinning my wheels, running red lights and scowling at myself in the rear view mirror for my disgraceful demeanor–cursing my every failure as a mom. Plenty of days I wonder how on earth I ended up here, with four kids to care…

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Joining Lisa-Jo and fabulous others this morning for Five Minute Friday, where we cut the words loose for just five minutes, and see where they fall. No editing, just encouraging the others who play along. Lord Jesus, You are my righteousness, I am your sin. You took on you what was mine; yet set on…

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(A repost edited from the archives) Forgiveness is . . . accepting God’s sovereign use of people and situations to strip you of self importance, and humiliate your self love. –Martha Kilpatrick I had a friend. We had a falling out. We literally went from spending any and all free time together, to not speaking.…

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  This is hard. It is perhaps not so hard to forgive a single great injury. But to forgive the incessant provocations of daily life—to keep on forgiving the bossy mother-in-law, the bullying husband, the nagging wife, the selfish daughter, the deceitful son—how can we do it? Only, I think, by remembering where we stand,…

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Bitter Roots

See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many. Hebrews 12:15 It’s underneath, this tangled mess of brown , growing constant as I allow it. Watering it from time to time, while I pretend not to know better.…

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Pulling too hard, the sheets snaps up from the corner of the bed and I huff frustration. Burning breath, puffs out as I thrash frustrated over this. I know this is unnecessary.  It’s 4 a.m. I’m too tired and it’s still dark outside and this is the fourth time this week. And there I go…

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I found myself stumbling through Leviticus last night and after just a few minutes of reading, I said to myself, “wait, didn’t I just read that?” So I kept reading, and there is it was again, I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt to give you the…

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Stumbling Through Grace

The glass bowl and macaroni fly from mischievous hands.  The shattering sound startles the others, and me, as they look on in shock and I in contempt. This baby, my fourth, has broken more glass than any of the other three before her. She’s got an arm, that is for certain Macaroni and cheese lay…

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