Guest posting, Struggle

Living Behind The Fence

The other evening I sat down on the front stoop and watched a flock of Canadian geese fly overhead, while my kids scattered themselves down the street, making new friends with the neighbors. They’d been recruited for an impromptu soccer game happening up the street, in the common area between a couple of houses, an invitation…

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Broken Body, Growth, Obedience

Get To Work (How To Beat Envy)

The crocus sprung up this past weekend while I was away. When I’d packed up the car Thursday morning I’d seen their tips peeking up, all green with promise. Sunday morning when I returned, in my rush out the door to go to church I saw them–blooming buttery soft against the dry, gray mulch. They are the…

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Art, Surrender, Worship

On Making Art

At some point, some of you started reading here for the words. I’ve felt a little guilty for the lack of them this summer. I’ve worried about becoming obsolete, about being forgotten. And then I let all of that go, and stepped away quietly anyway.  While I haven’t had many words held out for consumption,…

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Grace, Worship


Maybe it’s the rain, or because I’m still sifting through my reflections on Refine. I’m ruminating on a great many things these days– Last week we bid farewell to the old Ash tree that once shaded the top portion of our backyard. Though it had been healthy when we first moved in 10 years ago,…

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Obedience, Refine Retreat

Wrapping Words Around Refine

People keep asking, how was the retreat? You all want to know about Refine. I both want to tell you–and yet I don’t. Or maybe it’s more that I can’t? (It’s all still unfolding). I’ve been struggling with how to wrap words around Refine. For all of my usual abundance of words I find myself…

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Guest posting, Lent

Redemption Songs [Reflections on Lent]

This post may contain affiliate links. Thanks for helping me keep the lights on here on the blog! I’ve wrestled hard through Lent to find redemption. I’ve scratched and fought my way to the foot of the cross, bleeding all the way. It’s been 3 years since that memorable dip into His crucible. I find…

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Because I Still Want Your Approval

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for helping me keep the lights on here on the blog. I like to think I’m beyond it, this ugly need to have your approval. I’ve written about it. I’ve been real about it, and sometimes I believe for a few days that I’ve finally beaten it. The truth…

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