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I was only 18 when God first ushered me out into the wilderness. I was eighteen and full of hope, joy, excitement- anticipation of life outside of the nest. I had not looked at many schools. I had selected just this one, one that I felt with all of my young heart, that God was…

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Children, Faith, Family, Grace

Stumbling Through Grace

The glass bowl and macaroni fly from mischievous hands.  The shattering sound startles the others, and me, as they look on in shock and I in contempt. This baby, my fourth, has broken more glass than any of the other three before her. She’s got an arm, that is for certain Macaroni and cheese lay…

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Faith, Love

My cage is small. I am squeezed in tight, knees to my chest, elbows tucked in. Yesterday, I couldn’t breath in here. Today, breathing comes a little easier. I can feel the sides of it, the top of it slowly letting out; Letting Him in- I suck hard for a long breath, my lungs fill…

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