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A Bakers Advent Devotional

When my new friend Rachel asked me if I had a special recipe to share for her new Devotional, I immediately thought of My Granny’s Portuguese sweet bread. I don’t know how many Christmases I sat around her dining table savoring the tender, warm sweet bread that we always paired with her Portuguese sausage. These…

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A Safe Place To Wrestle

All week, I’ve watched lines being drawn in the sand, friends standing toe-to-toe on opposite sides of the arguments. I’ve watch professing Christians, with differing viewpoints, cut each other down with profanity and name calling on Facebook. With every stabbing word, my heart twists into knots. This is not the way. Beloved, if God so…

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Words To Live By

It hangs over my kitchen, a bold banner of truth, a proclamation of our status as friends of Christ. Sometimes, it’s a bit ironic, that the word “redeemed” hangs large above the entrance to my small kitchen. Even this insignificant space is found worthy here. In all of the various rooms we’ve hung words on the…

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What Every Day Needs (A Giveaway)

Golden shafts of light slip quietly underneath the shade,  a halo of hope for the dawning day. I’ve slept through the alarm for the last hour, completely missing my opportunity to spend time alone with God before the house wakes and rumbles with a steady thunder of activity for the next 10 hours. Every morning…

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A Must Read

After I read Spiritual Misfit, I told Michelle, “This book is easily in my top 10 of all time.” I’ve read a lot of books in the last 4 years. Many of those books have been good, but not profoundly moving. I’ve been waiting for a book like Spiritual Misfit.   Michelle’s book is for everyone…

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Awake (A Giveaway)

She worked for our family for two years but she was more than a maid, we took an interest in her life, and she felt truly welcome in ours. She invited us over to share a meal and somehow, we found our way to her home out in the middle of nowhere in the middle…

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