Faith, Love

My cage is small. I am squeezed in tight, knees to my chest, elbows tucked in. Yesterday, I couldn’t breath in here. Today, breathing comes a little easier. I can feel the sides of it, the top of it slowly letting out; Letting Him in- I suck hard for a long breath, my lungs fill…

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Faith, Family, Love

Not Nothing

Hearing him say those words broke me. “I feel like nothing.” Like getting punched in the stomach, punched in the heart.  What causes a child of only 7 short years, to say such a thing? I know the answer. I have known the answer for a long, long time. I have felt that feeling before.…

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Healing Comes I had a friend. We had a falling out. We literally went from spending any and all free time together, to not speaking. It wasn’t a dramatic explosion of hurtful words. No, it was more of a steady trickle of hurtful comments, misunderstandings, jealousy, and hormones (I was pregnant at the time). But…

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