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On Learning To Parent Different Kids

We’re an anxious bunch here. Anxiety runs red through our veins and upon closer inspection of the family trees, it’s apparent, that it has for generations. Some of us walk around with our shoulders near-permanently affixed just beneath our ears because that’s one way anxiety grabs hold and doesn’t let go. We forget to breathe. We…

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Five Minute Friday


On friday’s, we write for five short minutes without editing and gussying the page. We spill what rises to the surface and share it, bravely with others, and we encourage. We give virtual high fives and hugs and pats on the back, sometimes, we gather in prayer too, for the broken stories, the wounded stories…

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Dreams, Five Minute Friday


It’s been a long time since I hung out with my Five Minute Friday peeps. I’ve missed this community so much… In case you’re new around here, (welcome!) Five Minute Friday is really simple: Write for 5 minutes, (no editing) post your words, link up with Lisa-Jo and share encouragement with the others who link…

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The Growly Books- Begin

The following post contains affiliate links. This means that when you purchase this item through my links, I receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting me in this way. Please know, I only recommend books that we truly find value in. I’m a confessed book lover. Whether it’s books for me, or for my…

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I’m so excited to share this post with you. My friend Nicole knows how to encourage the hearts of women. If you haven’t read her heart-words before, today will be a treat for you. She was gracious enough to share with you here today– (Thanks so much, Nicole!!) “Don’t worry,” my friend said casually, “this…

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Five Minute Friday, Motherhood

It’s Friday, friends, and around here that means a little relaxing, a little writing, and a bit of freedom. I’m joining with Lisa-Jo and my other writer-friends to write for just 5 minutes. There’s just a couple of rules: Write for just five minutes, no editing, share the love with others who play. Simple enough,…

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Yesterday was unpleasant.  Things were difficult the moment my toes tickled the carpet that morning, and I saw it coming then. The freight train of a struggling day. I knew as I headed down to make breakfast that I was not in a right frame of mind, and of course, as any Mom will tell…

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