Why We Should Tell The Stories That Scare Us

In the last couple of years God’s been stretching me, leading me into uncomfortable territory for His purposes, and for my own healing. It’s not been an easy journey so far. I’ve had to face some things I’d have rather not looked at again–painful memories, mistakes from my past and so on. But God has…

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Five Minute Friday


The rain trickles steady and the sky sags, a white blanket of rain she’s holding back. It looks like a snow-sky, except that it’s summer here, and buds have awoken, striking us all with allergy attacks, leaving us bleary eyed and sniffling–much like in winter. But I thank God for the allergies today, as the running of my…

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A Leap Of Faith {A Retreat And A Giveaway}

On March 10th, 2011, I started blogging at Always Alleluia. From that moment, to now, God has taken me to the depths of the valley, and up to the mountain tops–each in their season,–it’s been a wild ride ride. I have met so many beautiful people–friends along the way and am continually humbled and awed by God”s…

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Guest posting

I rolled up my pant leg displaying the smallish scar on my knee cap I earned when I roller skated down a brick sidewalk in Ankara Turkey. My friend had been in front of me with a jump rope tied around her waist while I brought up the rear, full speed ahead down the bumpiest,…

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