The Activity Of Stillness

The Activity Of Stillness

It’s no secret that I’m a woman in motion. If it’s not the children who propel me it’s something else–but it’s always something. Last year, when My coach recommended that I “pursue waiting“, it was as if she’d spoken to me in a foreign language. Because honestly, while I love the vision I have of stillness, I find the whole concept somewhat intimidating and so very counter to my nature. The thing is, I didn’t really understand what that sort of stillness looks like. 

What does it even mean to be “still” before the Lord. How on earth can one pursue waiting?

Exodus 14:14 says, The LORD will fight for you, you need only to be still (or be silent, quiet).

Zachariah 2:13 says, Be still before the Lord, all mankind, because He has roused Himself from His holy dwelling. Again, this stillness is not so much a physical stillness but a spiritual one–a quieting of a heart that doubts and complains and fears the ways of man.

In the 23rd Psalm, David wrote about God leading Him beside quiet (still) waters.

And my favorite verse on quietness, in Isaiah says, “This is what the Sovereign LORD, the Holy One of Israel, says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it.”

God places value on times of quiet. I have found that it is in the quiet times, when I can hear Him best. As it is of value to Him, I am learning to value it myself. So, I’m quieting my heart. I’m saying no to things that I might otherwise have said yes to. I’m observing the Sabbth, thanks to the prompting of my friend, Shelly.  I’m posting a little less.

I’m learning to trust, to wait–without fear or complaint. In quietness and trust. Stillness before the Lord is an active state of being. 

I have learned, as I have launched this God-sized dream project this month, that waiting on the Lord is not only beneficial, but hugely critical. God is doing things through this book that I never imagined, and every time I turn around he reminds me through emails, and tweets and encouraging comments that this is HIS project, and that He is doing things–and that I don’t have to.

From me, He wants quiet, he wants trust–He requires faith. And so, that’s where I’m finding Him.

I’m letting go of distraction, I’m leaning into Him.


This week Holley asked us to share what we’re going to start doing in order to move closer to our God-sized dream. I’m practicing stillness. Next week we’re sharing a God-sized story that inspires us.


  1. Waiting on the Lord is so, so hard, and often contrary to society’s pull to be go-go-go all the time. I know that I have found myself demanding a quick answer more than once. Which… well, God has a way of reminding us to be still.
    Thank you for your heart.

    1. Yes I hear you, I too have been impatient with Gods timing but as always, His is perfect where my rushing causes nothing but mess and mistakes. God is good and faithful, we are wise to learn to embrace quietness before Him. Praying for us both to learn this lesson, eh? 😉

  2. yes….I’m with you, friend. figuring out this stillness He offers. Trying to bend before my legs are pulled out from under me. offering my time. it’s amazing how much we can truly slow down when He is all we pursue…

    1. Yes, Nikki, standing still before Him is always a gift, always a blessed time. I must remember this when my foolishness overrides what I know to be true. Quiet times in His presence are the epitome of time redeemed. Praying we’d find ourselves only comfortable on our knees. Thank you for always speaking truth to me. God has given me such a faithful friend in you. ((Hugs))

  3. Lovely! Kris I am joyful at seeing all that God is doing through you and in you. How you are listening and practicing obedience in the things both giant and seemingly small.
    I read your words on Lent and experience this season with an encouraging voice in my head – yours. Cheering me on. Knowing I have such support from my “writer friends” (as I like to call my #fmfparty sisters whom I’ve grown more fond of each passing week) enriches my heart and pushes me towards Him more each day. How thankful I am for you. You model an obedience I strive towards. Someday I hope to share just how big that is for me in these months. Thank you. So much. {hugs}

    1. Sweet Leigh, you always leave the kindest, most soul-filling words when you visit. I cannot tell you what it means to me to hear from you like this, to know pieces of your journey–praying for you as you keep seeking Him. He is all we need. Let Him fill you to full, I’m praying that for you!


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