The Benefit Of Being Small

March 28, 2013


I think it’s safe to say, I’m a “smaller” blogger. I don’t like that phrase very much because sometimes that word, small, can sound like “insignificant” and sometimes, I believe that’s what it really means. But today, when I say small, please know I am only referring to subscriber counts. Let’s not let that little word make us feel less-than, okay?

I’ve been publicly blogging for 2 years now. In the grand scheme of things, 2 years is a sneeze. A blip. A blink. But the truth is, I have been tempted at times to fret over the growth (or lack of growth) of my blog. I’ve watched other bloggers skyrocket to having hundreds of thousands of subscribers in the time I’ve been blogging. This hasn’t been the case for me, but during a recent blogging break, I realized that I couldn’t be more thankful for where I am right now, in my blogging journey. …

I’m hanging out over at Allume today, come finish reading over there. 

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  • Sarah

    I’m heading over to Allume to finish reading, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m already touched by this post! It’s encouraging to read the heart that is willing, even without fame or “big-ness” – excited to keep reading!

  • Stephani

    Kris, thank you for this encouragement!

  • Amanda Pausley

    New follower here! :) Realllly want to get your “Holey, Wholly, Holy” book – it’s on my amazon wish list :) Anyway, enjoy the blog and look forward to following. Hey, you added 1 today!

  • Eva Trillian

    Allways visiting, reading, learning from you , but seldom commenting, But today I have to :) It is easy to forget to encourage an encourager (if that is a word? ;)) – But I know your blog means a lot to many of us out here :)