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The Gift You Can Give For Free

I started collecting them a year or so ago, when I got my first email from Ann after reading her book. I tucked her kind words into my journal because as a writer, words are currency to me, and in receiving the gift of hers, I felt rich.

As I began to step out a little further in obedience, writing publicly, more messages continued to come–slowly, not every day, but always just when I need them the most. You began to offer encouragement and friendship–with each kind word, my journal bulges with all that grace.

When I said I wasn’t going to blog in June, I fretted a little because I love this space, and I love hearing from you and I was afraid of the cobwebs gathering and the floors getting too dusty.

God knew all that and He specifically spoke to several of you, and the notes, they streamed in steady for a month–my heart- purse nearly burst with the wealth that flowed in.

An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up. Proverbs 12:25

You didn’t know my need. I didn’t voice it. I was ashamed to even admit it to Him.

But He knew and He whispered it to you and you served Him, by blessing me.

I don’t have words to really thank you for your kindness. “Thank You” feels too small.

Just know that you brought healing to my bones. (Proverbs 16:24) 

You were Christ to me.

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God. Colossians 3:16

You amazed me again when I nervously offered up my first link-up last week, and you showed up there, your little thumb-nail faces at the end of that post. You are a gift, my friends. YOU. Your words spill out like gold across my screen–into my heart, and I weep with gratitude for how you live the gospel.

My joy runs deep, friends.

All my love.

Joining the community of friends and Ann in giving thanks for all things. Won’t you join in the praise?

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    1. alwaysalleluia

      Sweet Jana. You share my heart for these things, you have seen my weak underbelly and loved me anyway. You’ll never really know what a GIFT that is to me. Love you always- you glow with His glory.

    1. alwaysalleluia

      Ro- *tears* here too…You understand these words today, you are an intrigal part of my story. Keep writing, my friend, when you do, Christ becomes tangible and His love nestles deep. All my love. Truly. XXOO

  1. And all those words of encouragement –all of them throughout the years– are merely a tithing of your worth, Kris. Not even a glimmer of the treasures you are building up in the Kingdom that truly matters.
    I love that you print them out. I’ve always kept a file on my computer of the words that have touched me deeply. And when you told me what you did, I saw what I was doing. I was merely building up stocks. That I could visit. But you’ve turned them tangible. You’ve cashed them in and I LOVE That! So…guess what I did this weekend? And do you know what else? Your words to me were the first ones I deposited into my very own journal!
    Thank you, sweet friend. Thank YOU….

    1. alwaysalleluia

      Nikki~ We’re soul sisters, you and me. I love that you cashed them in (hee hee, brilliant!) and can access them easily anytime. These love letters from friends are just a small treasure here on earth– but think of the treasures stored in heaven with each one… unimaginable! Love you, my friend. Praying for you today–RIGHT now! XXOO

  2. It was that process of letting go and trusting that He securely tied in your heart. That journey alone was a refining and an affirming story. And one that only further cements His grace for what He’s planned for you, my friend. Cheers! And much love.

    1. alwaysalleluia

      Indeed, He has been pushing me hard in learning to trust Him, but that’s not really surprising, I felt the electricity when I named “trust” my one orwd for the year. Still, He moves through my life this season with grace and persistance, pushing me closer to the edges and asking me to trust Him…. what a ride…. XXOO


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