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The Radical Question, A Radical Idea

 I read David Platt’s book, Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream. After that, I read Radical Together: Unleashing the People of God for the Purpose of God. Both books are challenging and inspiring for anyone who is wrestling with the idea of what it really means to be a disciple of Christ.

This latest book, The Radical Question and A Radical Idea is short enough that you can read it practically in one sitting. However, these concepts may take a bit longer to digest. At just 109 pages, this little hardback book packs an intense punch. Platt asks the hard question that most of us struggle to answer–is Jesus enough?  The truth is, that for most of us, we have to answer this question again, every day. Some days Jesus is enough, but others, we’re deceived to think that He isn’t, and so we wrestle our humanity and faith in hopes that for once, we can just get it right. Platt says,

When we see a biblical picture of Jesus, we realize that the greatness of who he is demands the surrender of all we are and have.

And that surrender is where most of us struggle. David Platt proposes a plan. He’s talking about uniting together as believers to help spread the message of God, for the glory of God. He reminds us that we are called by Christ to encourage each other on in the mission of spreading the gospel.

This small, but meaty book is somewhat of a recap of the main ideas from the first two books previously mentioned above. If you have read Radical, and Radical Together, then I would not encourage you to buy this book for yourself. However, if you know someone who has not read the other two books, and who is genuinely willing to hear this difficult message of what true discipleship looks like, then I would buy them this book. It is a great (and small) resource for those wanting to hear the message of Radical, boiled down to its main points. You can read chapter one of this book HERE.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. This post contains affiliate links. 

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