The Location

The Location

Refine {The retreat} 2017 will be held at Our Lady Of The Pines retreat center, in Freemont, Ohio. Tucked in this small, quiet farming community, on a hill in the woods, sits the retreat center that began in 1851 as a private mansion, then served for a time as a private girls school, and later as a home for the Sisters of Mercy. Now, as a retreat center, the house offers weary visitors as a space to rest and commune with God.

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The retreat center is a sacred space, designed with careful consideration of her guests, Our Lady of The Pines generously provides ample space for quiet reflection and rest. Every room humbly reflects the simple beauty that makes a room cozy without but distraction. The lush, wooded grounds invite guests to take a prayer through the walking labyrinth, or visit the stations of the cross that line the walking path, or perhaps just sit and soak up the peaceful beauty of your surroundings.

Guest Rooms

bedroomBecause the guest quarters in which you will stay previously served as bedrooms for the resident Nuns, the rooms are small and simple—but by no means lacking. Every attendee will have their own room. Not all of the bedrooms have a private bath, but there are plenty of bathrooms throughout the guest halls, affording guests the privacy they are used to. Assuming we sell every ticket, there will be no other guests using the retreat center during Refine {the retreat}, which will help you feel even more at home in this lovely space. If a private bathroom is critical to you, there are a handful of rooms at a special price that include this option—you are encouraged to purchase your ticket early, as these rooms will likely be among the first to sell out. Also available are two private hermitages, just across the driveway of the main building, both of these feature a private bath as well.




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