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The Weight of Advent

The Weight of Advent

On October 18th, my 2nd book, Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting releases!! For the next few weeks I have invited the members of my “street team”  to share their stories and reflections on the book, the topic of waiting, and Advent. Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for the FREE download of the first 5 days of Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight Of Waiting. 


There is an added excitement when you know something is coming.
Surprises are great (I, personally, appreciate them), but there is eagerness, hope, anticipation when you know something good is ahead.

Do you remember being a kid and shifting limbs all the hours leading up to your birthday party, or leaving for a family vacation, or arguably quite the biggest of all – waiting for the morning after Santa had come?
The not-knowing what you would open mixed with the knowing the day would actually happen left the wonder bursting through our eyes for days (if not weeks). It’s a joyful time, childhood, when those anticipations occur. Especially at Christmas, for most of us.


Yet I dare to propose that for the amount of excitement and hope we may have had as children, it is paltry and dim compared to the sheer wonder of The Coming of our King.

Come, Lord Jesus is a book about the tug of such waiting, such wanting in a season of expectation. Kris Camealy has delicately woven together words of experience and words of Scripture to invite us into this coming season of Advent. The invitation is not for those looking to check something else off a list. It’s not an invitation for bustling and hurry and buying and wrapping. It is an invitation into experiencing the weight of waiting.

To silence the hurry. To put down the lists. To come into the presence of the inner room, present for the days of nearness and wholeness like we’ve yet to understand or truly experience.

There are 25 days, beginning December 1st, until the day we celebrate the birth of a Savior so divine. Kris has weaved together day-by-day meditations of truth and hope-filled words. Scripture readings and thought-provoking commentary urging us to participate in the calling of “Come, Lord Jesus”. The ache for His presence to return and our worship for how He has already come.


Other than the candy calendars as kids, we didn’t do much in Advent growing up. We focused on the true reason – every time. Yet there was not the day to day pause – the considering of it, of Him, of myself, and of who that makes me in Him.

Kris speaks to the soul in her pages because she speaks from her own. It resonates with others because it is the echo of a call so urgent yet overwhelming that we often try to push it aside and forget the importance of its melody.

“We have to become aware of our need, and our complete and utter inability to create for ourselves the life God intends for us…This understanding of the depth of our lack creates in us the ability to offer gratitude in all circumstances.” (Day 12, He Will Surely Do It)

The book releases this month (October 18th!!) and I encourage you with full sincerity to grab it. Begin on December 1st and watch your posture change. Your attentiveness open. Your shoulders lower and the Season, begin to slow.

Take the time to sit amidst His promises. What He has done. What He pledges will come. In confession, my heart needs the stillness – the redirection of focus – more than I want to admit. There is freedom in His birth, redemption in His death. Let us draw near to how it all began. Where the breath of a King puffed visible in the night and the sky burst open in song.

“In Advent, as we wait for our permanent dwelling place beside God, we can find our home in Jesus. He is the only sanctuary, the only home, the only place where we can find the stability and safety we hunger for. He is the place where our hearts find rest in all seasons – but most especially in the waiting.”
(Day 14, Dwelling Place)



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 Leigh Kay. I am a Texas girl, a following nomad – going to any place my King calls me to. I am best described as greatly flawed, wholly loved, daily refined, and completely forgiven by the blood of Christ. I am a writer, a freelance editor, an Aunt, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a traveler. I blog at Daily Refined.



  1. Lynn D. Morrissey

    This is beautifully penned, Leigh, and how I remember those “shiting limb” days and those “Is Santa here yet?!” inquiries. I, too, have read Kris’s book, and now, I really do want to begin it again, afresh, on December 1st and join you and her in a slow savoring of the adventure of Advent. While it will be intimate and quiet, thanks to the contemplative nature of her prose and her deep, insightful way of slowing us down, I still consider it an adventure–because Kris is leading us straight to the manger, and straight to the heart of God. I really appreciate the beauty of what you have shared here.
    Lynn Morrissey

    1. “Kris is leading us straight to the manger and straight to the heart.” Oh Lynn that is it exactly! What a true statement. Yes, I also will start again in December. I will buy the actual copy and step into Advent with her words and His promises.

      Thank you so much for your kindness and for reading.


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