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Thoughts On Struggling Well

Thoughts On Struggling Well

I don’t know how many times I have thought of sitting down here to write, over the last several weeks. I’ve been trying to get caught up after a whirlwind trip to Allume. I was home for a week and then hopped a plane to Colorado for another super-fast trip.

Life here is full, and it’s “birthday season” at my house, from now until January, which means that about every 3 weeks, someone celebrates a birthday in this house. (Think: lots of baking, balloon blowing-up, thank you notes to write, etc.)

I vacillate between feeling on top of my game, and then just as quickly plunge into the depths of deep overwhelm, where I begin to believe that I can’t do one. more. thing. Do you do that too?


Amid the birthday excitement at my house, GraceTable celebrates it’s first year online this mont too.  To celebrate we released a FREE cookbook.(Grab a copy, please!) Meanwhile, I am behind on my grading for my co-op writing classes, and up to my eyeballs in working on my book.

Intermixed with the crazy, goodness abounds, here. This is a full season, a tiring season, and yet there is a richness here not to be overlooked amid the chaos. I am s l o w l y working my way through the bible, reading chronologically, and my eyes continue to be opened to the bigger story within the pages. Hope sings in even the hardest chapters.

I had a conversation with my friend Emily a few weeks ago, about how it’s possible to struggle well. Sometimes, I confess, I think I just struggle. Most of the time, if I am really truthful, I feel like I struggle poorly, ever-tempted to let my frustration and irritation get the better of me.

We talked about fear and parenting, about dreams realized, the impact of others in our lives and how to listen for God.

Maybe there’s something in this conversation for you too?


Click HERE to listen.

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