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I walk the concourse to my gate and wait.

I’m grateful to be early. I’ve run after planes closing their doors and missed flights. I’ve cried at ticket counters.

This is not one of those occasions. Inside, I celebrate this small victory, however ridiculous that sounds.
I got on a a plane because I felt that the invitation though from human mouths, really, had been written first by God.

I planned, I packed, I left my family.

I prayed, I spoke, I came home.

I like tangible truth–to be able to grab hold of it with my two hands and know, without a doubt, that this is it.

It looks different though. I don’t have anything solid to hold on to. It’s all tangled up between here and heaven in whisper-prayers and hope for the unseen.

Did I make the right decision? Did I use the right words, or share the right message?

I think so. It seemed right.

But there’s nothing to hold on to. There’s no proof, as some may need there to be.

God calls and we answer the best way we can. We walk blind, led by truth, not the tangible. My arms always outstretched in the dark, feeling the way, reaching for His hand, listening for His voice.

Details align and a path made smooth feels like truth, feels like confirmation.

The voices of dissent swirl. Confusion builds.

I grapple for the truth, and find nothing–nothing tangible to offer. There’s no proof I can hold out. I don’t have anything concrete to show for the choices I make, based on the truth I sense.

I feel God, so I go where I hear His voice, where He makes the path plain.

I carry with me truth, His words, these are the ones I deliver.

In doing this I rest that I have served well.

Take me by the hand;
Lead me down the path of truth.
You are my Savior, aren’t you? Psalm 25:5 Msg.

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  1. Amy Hunt

    The doing is the right thing. The loosening it and letting it fly, trusting in His sovereignty. Trusting that though not perfect, you are purposed and that truly, nothing is wasted. Trusting that the doing is what matters most. And now, the letting it fly is what matters even more.

  2. “Details align and a path made smooth feels like truth, feels like confirmation” ~ Oh yes! I can really connect with you here, Kris. We hang on to what we know to be true and we trust in the dark that His light will still shine bright through us. Receiving God’s word and acting on what we perceive is the deepest exploration of faith and expression of trust in its truth. And we may never know how our words fall, what savour they leave behind, how lives may have thirsted to read or hear this very thing we impart. All is guided by His hands. All counts. Not a crumb of faith, life, grace or manna is wasted. You are right to say, “In doing this I rest that I have served well”. It is all that is asked of us. Blessings 🙂 x

  3. Last week I was really struggling through some stuff regarding what it is I am supposed to be doing. That confusion practically knocked me off my feet. Until I finally paid attention to His quiet voice reminding me of the truth. I am right where He wants me. And His way is always clear. We may not be able to see beyond the next few steps ahead of us, but it is always clear. Thank you for reminding me of that yet again.

  4. Lisha Epperson

    I love this line Kris! “I feel God, so I go where I hear His voice, where He makes the path plain.” with God…for me, its about a feeling. I feel God and trust his truth. Amen. swinging through from Five Minute Friday.

  5. Amy

    I too always look for the tangible truth but each time I speak I have trust in His truth that His word would not go out void. You went as He directed you. You spoke as He directed you. And the truth is that is all you can do. Now trust Him to use it. I continue to pray for the hearts that you sowed into.


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