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Unexpected Gifts

The day I wrote that it was hard to worship amid the chaos, she brought me this. She came over with her four to make gingerbread houses and play and in her hands, this small box, with treasure inside- encouragement stamped into the metal.  This blessed reminder swings and taps against my neck as I move through the day, When I bend to gather toys and the heat rises in frustration for having to pick up that same doll and that same sharp-edged metal car for the millionth time, I am reminded as I hear that pearl tap metal, worship always.

And when I’m struggling and searching, when my fingers curl tightly around thin air and I exhaust myself in this nonsense way of chasing my own tail- I have these friends. These gifts who speak truth to my soul and remind me to always worship, because with all of my whirling and reckless twisting, I am apt to forget.

Whatever comes or doesn’t come of my writing dreams, whatever happens to these words and the time spent pouring it all out here- the unexpected gift I have been given, the surprise blessing in all of this has been the connections made.
I have found friends in between the rollercoaster numbers of blog stats and twitter messages. I have found real-live kindred souls who encourage and share, and give huge pieces of themselves, not out of obligation, but out of love, as an act of worship-

And in the midst of our writing and peeking in at each other’s hearts we have intertwinded stories and prayers and all of it twists so tightly around the Christ-thread that it cannot possibly be untangled.

I wouldn’t want it to anyway.

We are connected.

So often, I’m too busy looking for the obvious gift, the one that shouts out “Here I am!” But this community, these relationships built in the dark hours of early mornings, and late nights spent fighting out the hard words, this is the gift.

This is the one that we almost miss.  This is the gift that is stumbled upon as one builds a platform and networks- Somewhere we jumped the line between just being “friendly” and becoming freinds and thank God we did. I am learning all sorts of truths about myself these days, as God stretches me on his loom and pulls at my threads, mending them anew, and these women, this community, they hold my hands on the operating table and whisper worship with me.

We gather our various gifts- the obvious and the not-so-obvious and we pile them up at his feet together and we laugh and cry over the mountain of blessings that threatens to topple over on to us.

Because really, we are all drowning in it, this golden thread He weaves, the blessings that loop through our tapestry over and under and again and again.

We have to keep counting the gifts as they come, this is our collective and singular worship- and we are called to do so.

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Counting on to my 1000 Gifts…

672. Friends. Particularly those mentioned here, who have crossed over that imaginary line, those who are kitchen friends

673. Christmas. For what it means regardless of how I feel about the particular day.

674. Wounds that weep, your healing that comes and covers

675. The stretching and mending of a soul, the work only God can do

676. Always and evermore, grace….

677. A baby born in a stall, humble beginings, humiliating ends, and yet He Lives-

678. A new Year. Fresh starts.

679. New adventures, new communities

680. My family, how they love me regardless of my crazy.

*My beautiful necklace is from the Vintage Pearl*
Joining the community of friends and Ann in giving thanks for all things. Won’t you join in the praise?


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  1. I’ve found a beautiful community of bloggers too.  Often I receive a word of encouragement from one of them or I get to read a post that totally touched my heart; something I needed at that moment.  I thank God for these women of faith who pour out their hearts for all to read.

    I love your Vintage Pearl necklace and the inscription of “worship always”.

    A beautiful list of blessings …

    Blessings and love,

    1. Anonymous

      Barbie~ You bless my soul with your generosity and encouragement. I am SO thankful to have met you in this space, and I love the way God has brought our stories together. Bless you, my friend.

  2. This post, and your friendship, are balms to my soul.  You know how this time is a struggle…you text me just when I need it and love me always.  I’m so glad to know that the simple little necklace is a reminder to you, for you are ever an inspiration to me of the same message…worship always.  xoxo  Merry Christmas…

    1. Anonymous

      Oh sweet friend, obviously, the feeling is mutual It was no accident that I bumped into you on twitter… all occurances ordained by our loving and gracious Father, who always sends exactly what we need, when we need it most. you bless my soul again and again, and I am forever grateful… Love you.

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks, Annie. I am giving you a virtual *fist bump* right now and feeling the love, the sisterhood I am discovering through god’s grace is so awesome and powerful!! 😉 XO

  3. Anonymous

    beautiful write, Kris.  giving thanks for you this day, and the encouragement you pour forth in this space!  what a precious reminder your friend has gifted you with!  i love things like that, literally bumping against us throughout the day, bringing to mind those things we are too quick to forget.  blessings to you this day!

    1. Anonymous

      Oh thanks, Steph. Yes, God knows I need the literal, bumping reminders most days. It’s shameful the way I slip and forget so often. He is so gracious to bless me with friends and encouragers like you, who help to keep my feet from slipping… Happy New Year, my friend, praying God’s mightiest blessings over you in the coming days. He is always faithful!

  4. Oh I love this! I had a special visit from one of those friends too- we’d never met in person and she brought her children and came- it was amazing! now, we are kitchen friends for real! I am meeting another of my sweet blog friends in 2 more months and cannot wait to get my arms around her- I’m so thankful for the encouraging women God has put in my life – and I am still amazed that He is using the online community to do it. He is so good & He knows just what we need – Right when we need it! Love the necklace – might just have to get me one of those! 

    1. Anonymous

      So wonderful, Kelli. Friendships such as these are true treasures plopped into our laps by the Fathers hand. He knows and provides just what we need. You should get this necklace, it is beautiful. 😉 God bless you, friend.

  5. My precious heart-sister, how can I wrap words around the way your friendship has warmed my heart?  This post caught up with me when I was away for Christmas and had no computer, just my phone, and I cried on the little screen and whispered to you how you’ve blessed my life. 

    God works in such wonderful and mysterious ways, doesn’t He, knitting hearts and lives across the miles.  You and Christine are so dear to me ~ if only there weren’t 1000+ miles standing in the way of that coffee date! 

    I love you, Kris.  XOXO

    1. Anonymous

      Jana, you make me weepy now! If only the miles didn’t hold us back, but how blessed we are with this amazing modern technology! One day in the not too distant future, Lord willing, I will hug your neck for real. You know how blessed I feel for knowing you. Love you so!!


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