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On Visions And Provision

On Visions And Provision

God is teaching me about visions and provision.

Last May when I re-launched this website and told you I was going to host a retreat, you overwhelmed me with your support.

A lot has happened since then.

  • YOU walked with me. YOU prayed with and for me.
  • The retreat sold out.(Praise Jesus) We’re 29 days from slipping away to meet God in the Ohio woods.
  • I wrote another short book.
  • God has given me dreams and visions.

This is what I want to show you today–let me explain first–

As I was nearing the end of the workbook, a vision filled my mind as I wrote one particular paragraph. While God often communicates with me through dreams, I don’t often have waking visions–not like this. 

The words tumbled out quickly. As fast as the words came, so came images in my mind, one after another, a filmstrip sort of thing, unfurling in my head. What I saw was beautiful. I sat there just weeping over my keyboard.

I knew as soon as I saw this vision, that it was not just for me. I know there are others who NEED to see this too. But I’m not an illustrator. I shook my head at heaven, and questioned, “what do I do with this, God?” 

I immediately took my need to facebook, and within an hour of asking for someone gifted in illustration to help me bring this vision to life, God had raised up a woman I didn’t know at all. Anna Pasquale. 

Anna graciously stepped forward and offered to help me with this crazy project, before she even knew what I was going to ask of her.

I tried my best to describe what I’d seen to her, and she worked tirelessly to translate my words into images.

For weeks, she drew and we prayed.

vision and provision

One night, I received a rough sketch from her, she wanted to know if she was on the right track. I began to weep. Her image was exactly what I’d seen in the vision. Exactly. 

God had chosen Anna to work on this project with me, a woman I didn’t even know. He guided her hands and heart as she worked and so I am thrilled to share what we’ve put together.

The vision

Can’t see the video?  TRY HERE.

I am forever grateful for the wild ways God weaves our lives together with others in His kingdom all for His glory.I have seen the lengths of His provision. I have seen how He knits us to each other, reminding me that we are indeed all necessary parts of ONE body–HIS body. What beauty can come from a body working together to bring Christ to the world!! THIS is why we are here.

See more of Anna’s art HERE

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    1. Amy Hunt

      I join Crystal with this exact sentiment. (and I cannot wait to dig deeper into this again and again . . . really, just a continuation of the bathing He’s done with me this whole year!)

  1. Yes, I noticed. We are proving our moral superiority by being amoral. We do this for the good of all, if we don't really believe in &qdo&;gooutquot;. Talk about showing off your wanker, than stomping it into the dirt. I suppose they are going to be really surprised when the drugs wear off and it hurts a lot?


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