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Walking In The Fire {And Another Chance To Win The Book}

“I didn’t know lent would kill me. Thank God for the dying.” ~Holey, Wholly, Holy: A Lenten Journey of Refinement

Laying there, palms upturned with my face in the carpet, my chest swelled with resentment. I felt stupid, and even in my obedience, I resisted complete surrender.

I’d ended up there because of some supernatural pull, a force like gravity drew me into that small space and pushed me reluctant, first to my knees and then to my face. The ugly truth is, I’d felt the urge to do this for days, but in utter defiance, I’d ignored it. 

I wanted no part of this refinement. I knew it would burn. I’ve never been one for walking around in the fire. I didn’t have the heart for it.

Laying there on the floor, in my frustration, I whisper-shouted to Him, “What is it, why am I here?!”  I waited.

Silence. …

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