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How Am I wanting To See God Move Today?

How Am I wanting To See God Move Today?

On October 18th, my 2nd book, Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting releases!! For the next few weeks I have invited the members of my “street team”  to share their stories and reflections on the book, the topic of waiting, and Advent. Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for the FREE download of the first 5 days of Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight Of Waiting. 


How am I wanting to see God move today?

This was just one of the questions that Kris Camealy poses in her new book, Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting. She asks questions about a variety of topics, all linked to the period of waiting, and this book has really encouraged me to “hang in there” with being patient in my own waiting period.

Through reading Kris’ devotions, she has enlightened me in some of the periods we go through when we are waiting. She has put in her devotions a very fitting Bible reading, along with a stirring question and a very thoughtful prayer. She really does help us to pay attention in our waiting.


We wait for things all the time…from waiting in a queue at the checkout to pay for the shopping…to being held in a call queue on the phone (with that irritating music that will be in your head for days afterwards) …to waiting for a letter from the hospital to make that appointment. Some of the waiting only lasts for minutes and we don’t think much about it. Some of the waiting maybe days, and thoughts of what we are waiting for may cross our minds whilst we are waiting for something else!

But when it comes to the waiting of what is to happen in your life…Well, that seems like it’s just a little bit too long!


I decided over the New Year that I had finally accepted that God was going to use me and what I have been through in my past to His advantage. I truly believe that what we go through in our lives, whether it be good or bad, it is all in God’s mighty plan and that situations do turn out for good…eventually! Some situations take a little longer than others, but we get there in the end. I was so excited that finally I felt I had a purpose in my life. Showing others that despite what we go through in our lives, God has beautifully made us and He has a beautiful plan for each and every one of us.

“God puts His finger into the hole left in the hearts of man, not to injure but to heal. But His healing hurts and so we shrink back, turn around, and like the ostrich, plunge our shame-filled heads into the quicksand of life.”

All I needed to know from God was how was I going to do this.


Maybe not.


I think God had other plans on His mind to take me on His own journey. He is putting His finger into the hole of my heart at the moment to show me a few little bumps that I had in my path, before I can get to that final destination. And yes, His finger poking is hurting a little and I am learning things the hard way.

My heart is aching for God to show me something in my life for what He wants me to do and how, but at the same time I am hiding myself away from Him because His healing in my life hurts. I want to be able to do God’s work right now…without the waiting…and without the lessons He is showing me. But because I am waiting so long, I then get defiant…I then think that God is not here and He is not listening to me.

“We imagine that God is hiding from us, but it’s we who have turned our hearts away and hidden our faces. It’s we who have crossed our arms in defiance.”

It’s a vicious circle. It’s like there is a stubborn little child inside of me that can’t wait for the something good to happen, so I dig my heels in even further. It doesn’t matter how hard you explain to that little child that if they just listen to what is being said and open their eyes, they will see what will happen, but that little child is still adamant that they are in the right.


I really do pray that God helps me, and you, to uncross our arms, turn our chins towards Him and heal us.

“Help us to pay attention. Uncross our arms, turn our chins toward you and heal us.”

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 Lynne Cole is a full-time working, married mother to 3 gorgeous children…two girls (aged 7 and 6) and a little man (aged 4).  She blogs in the free time that she has, and her hope is that she is able to give people a little encouragement through what she writes.  She writes from the heart, honestly, about anything… things that have happened in the past, what she is going through right now and what she hopes for the future. Read more from Lynne on her blog at 


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